Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ahh.. this is my first blog and my first post! I'm so excited! I love to write just about anything and share! I'm new to this so please bare with me.. I'm hoping that in time I can share with family and friends so they can see the achievements my family has obtained through the months. We are an active family in sports, volunteer work and being with friends. We also like to take the challenge on with other kiddos. We currently have a foriegn exchange student from Madrid Spain. In the summer time we have Fresh Air kiddos from the innercities of NY. Our Taykwan ( Eric to us) comes from the Bronx! He is a HOOT and we love him dearly.
I cam across a really cool blog this morning looking for Thankgsgiving Ideas and realized there is so much info on these cool blogs I had to make my own! Thanks for supporting me!