Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Finally.. I have a moment to blog! Summer came with a slow start. I was even wondering if summer was going to come at all for us in New England, but here it is and I'm soaking up every minute that I can.
I, myself, have vacation this week from work and everything else! I spent a lovely weekend in RedHook NY. LOTS of history there and people I love to spend time with. These Photos are just a few moments that I captured while exploring the area.

I finished my summer English Course. I'm pretty positive that I received an A, but I have yet to figure out where to find my grade on line. I'll get there eventually but right now I'm battling with the college and trying to sign up for courses that I need and they are giving me a hard time. I have to admit, I'm frustrated! Why is it so hard to get an education? I know that I'll get what I need in the end, but it sure isn't easy! Have you had any challenges lately? How is your summer going?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm still climbing mountains to reach my goals!!
Oh my Gosh.. I'm embarrassed to admit this.. but I almost forgot how to post on my blog!! I also have another SMALL confession to make... I have an addiction... addiction to EVERYONE Else's blog.. but.. my own. I'm addicted to the decorating/re-doing blogs.. you know.. the ones that are BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL and it looks like their homes are PERFECT at any given moment... yeah.. you know what I'm talking about!!
I realized that I haven't written here since DECEMBER!! boy.. a LOT has gone on since December.. I started a new job.. full -time... same facility.. but more hours.. I FINISHED my LNA class and I am now a LICENSED NURSING ASSISTANT.. however I'm not working as one... and I'm starting up a new class in two weeks... don't laugh... but it's ENGLISH COMP I.. They're going to teach me to be a better writer... so you just wait... my blog ( if I find the time to post..) will be grammatically correct... AND...hopefully "proper" sounding..

A girl can dream.... right?

I haven't taken many pictures.. but with Prom Season coming up... there will be plenty.. and some Seniors I'll be "shooting" as well..

I do miss you all.. I see some of you on facebook... I love that.. facebook can be an amazing blessing.. yet a time sucking TRAP!!! But until I can write again.. I just wanted to say HI.. and that I do miss you.. and I will be peeking in on you more!!