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Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Weekend I went yardsaleing and got some really cool deals! One of the deals I got was this book:

Now I didn't think that the ice-cream would really turn out the way that you buy it in the store... I first have to admit.. I AM NOT a big Ice-Cream FAN.. AT ALL! Everyone once in a GREAT while I'll cave and get a soft serve... but other than that.. I can pass the ice-cream isle in the grocery store NO PROBLEM!

I have never made Ice-Cream before.. I have never thought of venturing that route because.. well it isn't one of my food passions... However in my family adores Ice-Cream!!

So I went out today and bought the ingredients that I didn't have and decided to make Ben's Chocolate Ice-Cream ( Jerry has his own as well)
I set out on the adventure.. but I didn't have an Ice-Cream maker.. I had missed that deal by minutes... OH WELL.. so I took my chances on FREECYCLE and posted a WANT.. the Ice-Cream Maker... and guess WHAT??? I got a response!! and I found me a FREE Ice-Cream maker.. WOO HOO!!!

I never realized that the "salt" for the maker was the same ROCK SALT we put on the ground to melt our snow here in New England.. had I known what I know NOW!! I would have bought a big bag for MUCH less in the Winter... These bags cost $2.00 for 5lbs.. doesn't sound bad.. but when you can get about 25lbs of Rock Salt for $8.00 it does make a difference.

So I started with the melting of the chocolate but I have mysteriously lost that picture while downloading...
So I went on to cream the eggs, sugar and milk with a pinch of salt and vanilla ( you can kind of see the whisker moving... )

After a minute I added the chocolate mixture and this is what I got out of the solution..

After chilling this for about 2 hours...I put in the machine.. Ok.. I'm going to admit this.. this machine is HORRENDOUSLY LOUD!! Thank goodness I had a good book to read on the swing outside... cause the noise.. is deafening!!!

But after the process was done.. and I chilled the ice-cream for another hour or so.. the kids came home to a treat that looked like this... I got 6 thumbs up ( 3 kiddos.. lol lol) See the little "bits" in it.. it was from some of the chocolate that did NOT get mixed in well while whisking..at first I was bummed... but my son thought they tasted like Brownie Bits.. and I have to tell you.. it did taste good!

Here's a Pansy from my garden.. Had to throw that in for good measure...

And here is the new book I started... I'm on Chapter 3 and I'm going to admit this.. I had to read the first page about 3 times because grammatically it was not adding up to me. You see .. reading my blog you might think I have no idea how to put my sentences and punctuations in correctly.. but I ACED English... now I'm just lazy!! To me it felt like I was reading a page that was written by someone very inexperienced. However I will continue to read on. Some of the reviews for this book are OUTSTANDING... which might lead me to believe because "Joyce Meyers" wrote it ..it's wonderful.... Yes she writes GREAT personal books.. but fictional stories.. I'll let you know!

I'm off to bed so I can get up EARLY and yardsale tomorrow!! What treasure can I find tomorrow??
Last weekend I found a food saver for $1.. I priced them at the store.. it was OVER $100... WOW!! a red tea kettle for my friend.. another mixing bowl... yup.. another pyrex.. baby blankets and a garbage bag full of legos for $3.. and then my cook book find! There was one yardsale where everything was FREE!! Hubby got golf balls .. he was pleased as punch!

So if you have any treasures you find this week.. SHARE!! I'd love to know what you got!


Mere said...

I LOVE to go "garage saling" as we call it here in Texas :) They are my fave :) Our neighborhood specifys dates now, so they are not as often :( Homemade iced cream is AMAZING, isn't it? We have made it and passed down our recipe for generations now, and it is still a family fave! Don't you just ADORE Joyce Meyer? I have never read any of her books, just been privelaged to watch her on TV. (we have a Christian TV station). She is FABULOUS! My misson this weekend is to find one of her books at Half-Price Books! I've missed reading your posts this week! Hope you're doing better! Love ya!


Tam said...

YOU go girl! HOMEMADE ICE CREAM yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy

HOPE you have a great Saturday! I went to a SCRAPBOOK CROP tonight! YOOOHOOO I did not even make one single layout.....hehehe SO I want to know how the PROM layouts are coming....hmm IN that great dress???? I bet they are SMASHING

Kaye said...

For real? You're not an ice cream fan?? Wow. Maybe we aren't twins separated at birth like I thought just a few days ago. I avoid the ice cream aisle in the store because if I don't I would weigh about 800 pounds. I could eat ice cream three or four times a day!

Your pansy picture is beautiful! Have fun at the garage sales. I used to go out on Saturday mornings all the time. I haven't done that in years! Maybe I'll try to hit a few this summer.

Susanne said...

Oh yum! I got Quisinart ice maker for Christmas and looove it. It's not too bad for noise at all and I don't have to deal with the salt. I love that there is no preservatives in the ice cream. I'm going to look for that book at the second hand book store.

Krystyn said...

Yum....that ice cream looks delicious!

Last weekend we got a toddler chair for the kitchen table for $1 and a little basketball goal for $6...maybe I'll go looking this morning.

Lara said...

You are finding some great things at the yard sales! I really need to get up and start going again this summer. I'm also needing to have one of my own. :)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

I never do garage sales. However, on Thursday I stopped at one because I saw school desks...the old timey type from like when I was in Elementary. And I got 2 of them for $10. I was so excited!!

Homemade ice cream is the BEST!!

Kerry McKibbins said...

I am so impressed!
Looked delish!

Jodi said...

Oh that looks soooooooo good! I just tried Ben and Jerry's for the first time last night. Mmmmm......

I hopped on over from Under the Couch Cushions (I think!)... Nice blog!

Wendy said...

Oh...I wish that I didn't like ice cream:) That's what I had for dinner tonight. LOL!! Homemade ice cream is delish. I think that I will check out Craigslist and Freecycle for one!! Great idea.

Crossroads Cottage said...

That Ice cream looks so tasty! I'd like the little 'bits' too. :)

Cris said...

I have to admit that ice cream is one of my favorite comfort foods. MMmmmm.

Also I love the picture of your pansy. We were hoping to plant some this year because, believe it or not, they are Jay's favorite flower. But we have not been able to find them ANYWHERE!!! Looks like we'll have to wait on those next year.

How have you been feeling?