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Saturday, August 02, 2008


A greeting that I heard today while visiting one of NH's historical attractions. In a tiny little town called "Charlestown" lies a Fort! A real Fort that was built in or around 1740's.. The Fort at No.4. This year marks the 25oth anniversary of the French and Indian War. Now although the re-enactment can never portray the real deal... many actors came together today to show us what they had! It was really amazing! I had never been to one here... and it was really cool to see the buildings and so many people around who knew the history of the Fort.

You know me.. I love history.. and I love it even more when I can TOUCH history. The smells, the sights, the colors, the people were amazing! So we packed up our Fresh Air son and took him with us! ( my kids were gone on prior commitments).. He LOVED it!! He was afraid to ask the people questions.. but we finally got him to open up and ask!

So... I'm going to share a few of the pictures with you.. I might not be able to explain them all.. because the poor little man with the mic... well.. we just couldn't hear him! As soon as we took our places to watch the battle.. the sky opened up and POURED! UGH! But I still think the pics came out pretty good considering!

I loved these socks that the men wore.. !!!
I had to take this picture because I loved the drummer boy.. it is amazing how many children took part during the actual battles!

And the POOR FATE of the little drummer boy !!...

I took about 200 pictures today... so I wanted to share some of the battle with you... and tomorrow I'll come back and show you some of the Fort itself and the jobs that many settlers had!


Sarah said...

How neat! I can't wait to see more photos. My husband I once took a trip to Nashville and visited Andrew Jacksons plantation. It was beautiful.

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing those photos. I bet it was a educating fun day for fresh air son.

Pearl said...

Ohhh... your blog is just wonderful... and I love the name and the banner! So creative! This historical post was terrific and I enjoyed all of the photos... to bad about the rain, but how neat that it didn't stop anyone from having a great time!

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting at the UnBirthday Party! And of course I did not mind you "peeking" in! Please come back as often as you desire... I love company and meeting new folks! I look forward to visiting you, again... have a wonderful day!


Tanya said...

I love history...that looks so fun. My son would get such a kick out of that. You are a fun mommy!

Faith said...

Greetings from NY!
WOW...you only live 2 hours from where SoulFest was???? You are so blessed.
We LOVED being in NH...your state is awesome. No sales tax blew our minds! And your gas prices are so low!!! We loved Weirs Beach, our motel, Gunstock, the mountains (of course we live so close to the ADKs so we are partial to mountains!). Lake Winnipesaukee is the cleanest lake we have ever swum in and believe me we have seen alot of lakes!
Try to get to SoulFest next year. I only had weekend tickets but my hubby and teen daughter were there the entire time.
We will be back to NH again....just loved it!!
(sorry this is long)
Oh, your post here and pics reminds me of our Fort Ticonderoga which is just a bit north of Lake George and about 1 1/2 hrs north of where I live. The history is awesome.

Tam said...

COOL!!!!! Great pictures....loving that camera!

Tam said...

YOU WON YOU WON>>>>websters blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tam said...

YOU won YOu won.....


i_am_4given said...

Awesome Pics!!!

Is Eric that tall or is that doorway that short??...hehe


Carrie said...

Very cool but poor drummer boy

Krystyn said...

While I do not share your love of history, I do of pictures. And, those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Cris said...

Those are some really great pictures. I would love to see something like that too. Makes me want to take a trip to the Greenfield Village. Although we don't have any cool reenactments like the one you have. Very cool. :)