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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I have a moment to post something.. before I scoot out the door and do another Senior ( last minute) portraits for someone!
How was your Thanksgiving?.. ours was uneventful. Since working I was very tired and glad that I didn't have to cook much... Black Friday came and went... but yesterday... I took all the fall decorations down and put up the Christmas ones! It's kind of getting me into the spirit of Christmas... something I think I was lacking last year!

Cruising through my Christmas CD's yesterday I forgot that this song existed! I absolutely love it.. it's not your traditional jingle bells... but there is a line on there that stands out to me... "Baby Jesus, do you know you’ll die for all our sins?
Don’t be afraid, for in 3 days, you will rise again." It's simple yet speaks a lot!

I am so unprepared gift wise for the holidays.. I'm finding this year that my children are so much more harder to buy for and they are NOT providing lists either! It's been a guessing game. What are you buying your kiddos?? and what ages are they?

I'm off to do a little bloggy reading... something I've been neglecting for a long time.. but it's quiet here... and it's that time of the year where I like to spend my Sundays... early in the morning... snuggled up and reading what others are doing for the holidays and the new year!!!


Mere said...

Sister I've MISSED you!!! That is one of my FAVORITE Christmas songs!!! THIRD DAY ROCKS! I've seen them in concert twice!! Have an AWESOME week!! Love ya!

Love, Mere

Sandy said...

I guess I'm in the same boat as you with the Christmas gifts. My boys are 11 & 13- no list, not really asking for anything and they want to be surprise. *sigh* My work is cut out for me.
Guess we shall figure it out one way or another. :)
It's great to see you posting again.


Tam said...

YOUR blog missed you and so DID I.

Hope all is going well!!!

a friend to knit with said...

thanks so much for sharing that song.... i loved it!
Merry Christmas to you!!

prashant said...

I've seen them in concert twice!! Have an AWESOME week!! Love

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