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Monday, August 27, 2007

I first want to apologize for the lack of participation on my half.. I had surgery on my leg this past Wed so my time at the computer has been limited.. but today .. I feel so much better.. so I'm hoping with the kids going back to school this week and the summer life calming down ( sighhhh) I'll have more time to share!!

Anyway, I got challenged again by Mere... What a girl.. here's her challenge to me...

Here's today's challenge.........Post 5 song titles...with their artists names...and tell the significance of each song....like a memory....Here are mine:

Ok.. she says this would be an easy one for me.. well.. I'm not so sure.. LOL LOL.. but we'll see...

1) My Wish--by Rascall Flatts..
Ok.. when I heard this song about 2 years ago.. I loved it.. and thought WOW.. what a GREAT thing to say to your children or your loved ones... NOW.. I think it's ridiculously displayed everywhere and extremely unoriginal.. especially from a Scrapbookers point of view...

2)In My daughters Eyes--by Martina McBride..
Well, having a daughter at a very young age.. I was told I would never make it.. my child would always face poverty... etc.. I was too young.. I should give her up.. and I love the Hey.. "why didn't you have an abortion"... I look at my daughter and I lose the air in my chest even if I think "what if I did"... I wouldn't have this beauty in front of me.. I wouldn't be the person I am today.. if it weren't for my daughter... I know my life would be different but it's a different I never want to know!

3) When you Come Home-- Mark Shultz
I think Mark Shultz has got to be one of the most fab. Christian music writers ever.. This song sticks in my heart.. and it would to every momma who has a son... My son is one of the most sensitive, compassionate, little men out there... at age 12 I have no doubt my son would give up his life for me... and as a momma.. I can't tell you how that makes me feel... I know many 12 year old and I don't think I could say that about many of them... I believe he is the little man that he is because of his daddy!

4) Love, Me--Collin Raye
I find this to be an amazing love song... through life the couple are always willing to wait for one another ...they are patient and they are kind.. it reminds me of my husband.. so patient.. so kind.. we have the kind of love where we fight for a minute and laugh the next.. we are never angry at each other for more than a bit... none of these days on end things... that would drive me insane.. lol lol... but through life and death.. this husband is willing to wait for the one true love of his life.. even though.. sometimes the odds are against them!!

5)Moments--Emerson Drive
For the moment I believe it's a great song.. great thought behind it... all of us have struggles in life... and with God.. we can get past everything.. even when we are at the deepest darkest part of the sea of life!!

Ok.. so I have to tag 3 people.... hmmmm actually.. everyone who reads this... just share ONE song with me here.. and a song on your blog.. and link it back to me... I wanna hear a song that has touched your life.. I fully believe that all songs are meant for each person to perceive in how their life see's it... What I see in a song.. you might not... and even if you use one of mine.. I'd love to see how it touches your heart.. So PLEASE do share!!!

A song I didn't pick... but one worth sharing!! A Soldiers Prayer....


Donna said...

I like all of your songs!

I would have to say Amazed by Lonestar, it was the song we danced to at our wedding. I love it and it takes me back to our wedding day every time I hear it.

I want it to feel like the first time every time I hug or kiss my hubby, I don't ever want to forget the precious "infatuation love" we felt in the months we were dating.
I want to still get those butterflies in my tummy when I think about him (which I still do after almost 7 years)!

jayedee said...

here's mine girl. avril lavigne singing slipped away...i heard it for the first time the day after my son took his life.

and the josh groban video on my blog...and alabama singing "forever's as far as i'll go" (danny's song to me)

now that i think of it, there is a song for ever significant moment in my entire life.

Mere said...

GREAT JOB! I AM SO GLAD I CHALLENGED YOU!! The way you describe your kids took my breath away and made me tear up! You are an amazing mom...and your kids are sooooooo lucky to have you...as am I!

Love ya!

Mere said...

Oh....and hope your leg is better!

Cris said...

Hmmmm, one song. I would pick Wish by Brian Littrell. Long before that song ever came out, I've wondered what it would be like to live in the day that Jesus walked the Earth and when I heard that song it just matched my thoughts perfectly. I certainly cannot wait to meet Him face to face.

Sandra said...

Really enjoyed this one, I like all the songs you listed ;)

Kerry said...

Hope your leg is feeling better!