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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tonight.. I have decided to give you a product review.. yes.. yes.. I normally don't buy boxed products and such.. I tend to home make a lot of things.. but today while shopping I caved.. I spent $2.38 on a box of 24 Cocoa Krispies Cereal Straws. JAYDEE.. stop shaking your head at me.. ha ha ha ha....These are made in the US.. does that help any?? ha ha hah

Anyway.. can I just say.. they ROCK!!! They taste REALLY REALLY good...And My sons have devoured two glasses of milk in the process.. just to drink milk straight.. NEVER... but they got their daily calcium in today that's for sure...!! Go ahead.. if you haven't tried them.. I dare ya!! you won't be disappointed!!


Donna said...

I was going to try those for my kids.

I don't like buying junk like that either, but I do occasionally for them!


jayedee said...

i'm not shaking my head!
they were buy one get one free at my store, and i admit it, i succumbed too! (*gasp* without a coupon too)
and to my chagrin, i ate them! well, a few of them! i liked 'em too!
and the little boys thought they'd died and gone to heaven.
sometimes ya just gotta feed the soul as well as the body, and this week, cereal straws were my definition of soul food!

Susanne said...

Now that is interesting.

We tried straws that actually flavored the milk as it was sucked up the straw. Now that's all the kids want.

Cris said...

That is a really neat idea.

BTW, I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to delete my old blog and start fresh. You can still get there by clicking on my name, and going through my profile, but it's all new. :)

Deb said...

So they don't get all soggy and stuff? I saw them and thought they looked weird - maybe I'll have to try some. Gee - thanks for the peer pressure!!! :O)

Mere said...

Those look sooo GOOD!!! Good luck with your daughter in driving....I'll be praying for her....it seems as if my parents were A LOT more nervous than me!!


Happywife84 said...

ROFL..I tried the fruit loop ones & some chocolate ones on our little ones..and they were like your son...drank 2 glasses of milk! I couldnt believe it! Then Jm's girlfriend came over & ate them w/o milk & then they decided to do that too! ROFLROFL When the little guys saw these advertised they wanted to try them...I thought it would turn out being a dud, but it didn't!! lol

Cris said...

Sorry Terri, I've had to create yet another blog. They found the second one, but this one they shouldn't find. BTW, this means you will have to edit the link to my blog. The original one that you are linking to is now taken by a definitely not me type blog. :(

Mere said...

You've been tagged!! Go to my blog to see your challenge!!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Ha! Ha!! This realllly made me laugh! But, I thought they'd be gross! So, they are really good?! I am really surprised to hear this!

I almost never buy "junk" like this, although my kids asked me if they could have them. (well, my sugar obsessed 8 year old did - we joke he doesn't have blood in his veins, it's really sugar!!!)

Anyway....on the last day of school I bought a special treat....1 box of Twinkies and 1 box of Ding Dongs. My kids didn't even know what they were. (and they are boys 4 1/5, 8 1/2 and 11!!!) THEY LOVED THEM!!! (of course! :-)