Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I have pictures to share.... but.......... I'm to tired and to lazy right now to size them up and post.... so maybe tomorrow... Oh and you might be wondering how this poor girl is taking pictures.. Let's just say I have the awesomest friend who lent me her camera... yup.. she's awesome.. and so trust worthy... However I came across this little "video" and I thought I would share it.. I love what these fellas come up with!!! Sooooooooooo for now.. food for thought.. Until I get some much needed rest..


Noelia said...

I love God Tube videos! That one is funny!

i_am_4given said...

I have watched these and I love them!! I haven't seen this one yet, so thanks for posting it!!!

AHHHH...let's hope you got enough sleep, because I wanna see pictures!!!

Cya, Lady!!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

That was really cute. Gives me something to really think about and take to heart! That's why I appreciate you!!!!

Cris said...

LOL, that was too funny!!!

I hope you get plenty of rest. :)