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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I need to blog...
I have no idea what to blog about...
My feet are cold and it's MAY.. MAY...
My kids have 4 days off in a row.. and I LOVE it..
I want school to let out.. am I the only mother in the world that feels that way...
I'm sick of gas prices... but slowly learning WHY they are increasing.. doesn't mean I agree with it

I get to finish planting my garden this weekend.. it's tradition here in New England
I get to clean out the chicken coop.. hurray!!
Hot Dogs have gone up considerably.. I think that's crazy.. but the buns have gone up even more...
Yes.. I know they are migraine targets.. and actually pieces of pieces... but I'm in love...
I don't even want to talk about hamburgers... and I've quit soda... so nix that expense for me...

I have Photoshop.. I have downloaded it.. and now I stare at it.. with the manual sitting next to me..
The manual is to thick.. and I don't want to read it.. I want to automatically KNOW that.. come one.. parenthood didn't come with a manual.. so far.. O.K. Ü
I have pictures that I want to print but still deciding what on line company to use.. to try... any ideas? Tell me!
And how come the stupid disk from Wal*Mart won't work on my computer... ? I'm frustrated with that...

I have 75 bajillion DVR'D shows to watch and don't feel like watching one of them..except CSI Miami finale... WOAH.. I didn't see that coming...
Paula Deen
Martha Stewart
Judge Judy
Have all been put on hold...

Maybe I'll just go mulch the flowerbeds...
Wait.. I'm hungry.. stupid weather.. did I mention that it's cold..
My body goes back into winter mode and wants comfort food...
What's for dinner?? No clue.. guess I'll freezer dive in a minute..
But wait.. I have no sock on that I'm NOT going to put on.. cause I'm refusing to.. because it's SUPPOSE TO BE WARM!

My name isn't flipflopmom for nothing!


Wendy said...

Oh my word! You CRACK me up:) Did Lisa talk to you about next Tuesday yet?

Cris said...

LOL! I hear ya girl. I've been wondering the same thing about the weather. Here it is near the end of May and it's only supposed to be 62 today. I thought we had a global warming problem? :P

I totally hear ya on the gas prices. I near about cried when I saw the prices today. Never thought I would see the day when a gallon of gas costs more than a gallon of milk. Although with the rise in gas, it's only a matter of time before the food prices rise again. ***sigh***

Crossroads Cottage said...

I agree. It's almost June - why isn't it warm? Is it ever going to get warm? Global warming - whatever!!! I must admit, I put on sandals today even though it's probably too cold. I don't care - Just like yourself, I'm tired of closed toe shoes and I'm going to refuse to wear them from now on.:-)

Homestead in the City said...

OK, I am so "there" with this post LOL BUT I look at it this way, a colder May makes for 1 month so far I have not needed to use heat or air, saving $$$!! I just got my electric bill and it went down by $8!!

I use Kodak gallery for printing pics. They almost ALWAYS have coupons... this is what they have going on now: (you can use up to 3 different codes at once)

Code: 10CENTexpiration May-28-08

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PLUS if you use mypoints, shop through there and get points for your purchases. If you aren't and want to sign up, I can send you a referral link or you can sign up directly on the site itself.

Hope that helps!

Krystyn said...

Okay, you totally overwhelmed me!

But, take an online photoshop class...that's the only way I've figured it out.

And, I discovered winkflash.com. I've heard good things; they are cheap, too, but I don't have any prints of my own (haven't done any printing since Christmas, actually)
upon code CPFREE handy (50 free 4x6, plus 99cent shipping).

Tanya said...

He he, you're funny. I'm putting in my garden this weekend too, and it's also sort of a tradition here to do it Memorial Day weekend, although it's been abnormally cool here also.

The price of everything is going up and it makes me sad and scared :(

Susanne said...

LOL! You are too funny! When I start talking like this switching from topic to topic at the speed of sound my hubby thinks I've had too much coffee. I'm glad there is someone else out here who has this talent! ;v)

I put on a sweatshirt today! Can you believe it? It's raining and will be for a couple more days. I need some sunshine and so do all my bedding out plants.

Gas prices are nuts here too and we live in the oil rich province.

Tam said...

O you poor Dear! I feel really bad that it is so cold up there...I mean I have spent the week at the beach and pools here just 80 and 93 degrees! MY MOM in VA said she is freezing! LOL

I have used all the online photo companines! I order tons of pics! Right now I have been using SHUTTERFLY the MOST and they are offering FREE shipping from now until JUNE 5th.....so go with them! The Prints for 4X6 are like 12 a piece compared to 9 cents at Snapfish but Snapfish shipping and handling is a little high and the pics are never as good as when I get them at Shutterfly! Kodak is ok but again I have been taking advantage of the free shipping from Shutterlfy...in fact I ordered 365 pics this week from them! LOL LOL

Well I hope it gets warm soon up there and if it doesn't COME DOWN SOUTH and VISIT ME! Let me tell you it will be hot enough to FRY EGGS on the pavement!

OK so go check out SHUTTERFLY and OH YEAH their photobooks are reall cool...on sale for 27.99 right now with the free ship....I put together one as a surprise for the HUBS for Fathers day!

jayedee said...

photoshop? oh man, no one will ever hear from you again when you figure out what you can do with that proggie! i use paint shop pro and i get lost for days when i get started lol!

Kari Simonson said...

I got to your blog through the Steven Curtis Chapman blog!
I love how your random mind thinks!
I wanna know how you were able to change the template on the blogger to get a large picture in the middle.
Why can't I figure that out??
There is this other blog where this lady did the craziest thing.
Check it out:

I wanna be able to do THAT!!!
Anyway....just wanted to say HI!!

Cara said...

Did you read my mind??? It's Memorial Day weekend, and I'm wearing sweats. We're having a bbq, and I don't wanna go buy the $2.00 hot dogs or the $2.50 buns, or a gallon of milk, or gas for that matter.. UGH!!
I feel ya girlie.. go sit and be warm!
cara @ deepfriedapplepies

forgetfulone said...

You had plenty to blog about! Nice to meet you. I'm here from scrapping servant's online party.

Come on down to Texas where we are having 90 degree days already!

Georgia4God said...

oh my gosh! you are hilarious!! maybe it's sad or maybe just scary, but I go thru times where I actually talk like that..

we messed around and planted some flowers one day last week. but, when we did it, it was(sorry) like 80 something degrees. they're so cute!! so I'm thinkin that if you move to Tn, you would have lots of warm weather to plant stuff, and you wouldn't need socks! just my thoughts on it :o)

OneHappyfamily said...

You are too funny. Get this, last Monday and Tuesday 109 degrees. At this very moment it is raining and 64. We in Arizona aren't complaining. The cactus are thirsty!

Kim said...

Lol . I know what you mean , weather is well stinky at best, I don't have a clue what month it is sometimes lol. It's gotta get warm sooner or later....right?!?! I can't wait for school to get out either ( my friends think I'm nuts)

Tam said...


Any warmer there YET?

Anyway wanted to say I hope you get warm up there soon and have a GREAT week!

Stephanie said...

This totally sounds like me. I wanted to start so many projects this weekend. Went to the store to actually start one, but came home with another! I would totally take an online class for Photoshop because it is totally overwhelming. I took one and it was still overwhelming, but less so.
Happy Tuesday!

Kaye said...

I'm starting to think we may be twins separated at birth. I can't wait for my kids to get out of school. I just gave up soda. We have Photoshop, but I have no idea what to do with it. I have two DVRs, both full, and I have no interest in watching. I don't have a chicken coop, though.