Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Saturday, May 17, 2008

TODAY I DECIDED TO "STEAL" Jayedee's Blog idea!! *Ü*
Sometimes I don't think I sit and reflect enough!!

FOR TODAY : Saturday May 17,2008

Outside my Window: I see the tips of Lilac bushes that are blooming and are asking to be picked

I am thinking: How today is prom.. and baseball pictures and home run derby and a birthday party... can I do it all??

I am thankful for: Having the chance to do all the things I mentioned above... as I know there are many women who are WANTING to have Children or who have LOST children.. and it breaks my heart for them...

From the kitchen: My kitchen is quiet... but with both kids gone tonight.. I plan on a feast for hubby and I...

I am going: To a friends to borrow her camera.. and then to the park.. and then to my daughters friends for pictures...

I am wearing: A robe

I am reading: Waiting for Summer's Return

I am hoping: That someday I will have my own really FANCY Nikon Camera.. Life seems to get in the way of that opportunity.. and I refuse to put anything on Charge... so When God see's FIT.. I'll get it..

I am hearing: NOTHING!!

Around the house: Is quiet.. hubby and son are sleeping.. it's chilly.. it's clean in here.. yet I still have 100 things to do!

One of my favorite things: Kisses from my son.. those unexpected one..

Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Well.. what I plan and what God plans are usually two different things.. but I would like to paint my dingy icky cabinets!! they have been "cream" colored since we bought the house 7 plus years ago.. and I haven't done anything with them since.. and since we ALL know that cream doesn't stay cream... it's time to update!


Tanja said...

Hey there! Just wanted to tell you that this week, I jotted out a list of books I want to read... by cruising through your old posts and those listed here:
Now my list is WAY longer than I'll get to this summer, but at least I'm prepared. Go to Camy's site. She does giveaways and as much as you read, you need to win a book, my friend! Plus she's funny.

Krystyn said...

Sweet stuff. I like the hearing: NOTHING! Sometimes that's the best!

And, the kisses from the kiddo...perfect. Especially when they are a surprise.

Mere said...

Hey girl! I saw your 2peas post....she is GORGEOUS! You should be proud :) The pink converse are adorable :)

Wani said...

Nice to meet another bloggin' scrapper! I love your header - I"m a flip flop mom myself!
Hope you've enjoyed being a part of the blog party! C'mon by Wani's World sometime!

Hope said...

It's okay you stole the idea from Jayedee....who i think stole it from me...who got it from another blogger, who found it at A Simple Woman's Daybook! :)