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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have a few minutes to share my weekends finding and treasures!! I didn't buy a lot... I'm trying to get my home ready for our OWN yardsale!! I have too much stuff and it really NEEDS to go!! I question.. am I storing my treasures here on earth?? In one of my devotions it asked us to look around our home... how much stuff do we have?? have we given away as much as we have been given?
Anyone that knows me.. knows that I'm NOT a materialistic person... and that shopping is NOT my #1 thing to do. However if I can get a "treasure" for much less than brand new... I'm excited!

So for everything I get.. I'm taking away too.. ( yes.. I even pared down my scrapbooking room!!!)

So these are my treasures...

NOW this was the SWEETEST deal for me... I was so excited.. and the lady I bought these from NEW that I appreciated them!! For all these pieces ( 7 of them) cost me $15! She gave me a $10 savings from what she had them priced at!! She told me to come back this summer.. she has more stuff to put out!!
See the GREEN blanket behind them.. I also go this.. it's SUPER heavy and King Size.. I bought this for $5.00 couldn't pass it up.. I'm going to use it as a throw on my couch.. MY couch is so comfy.. but.. it's getting old and HAS seen better days... Ü

I got this gravy boat... Pyrex as well.. for .25cents.. not my favorite color.. but when I do find one that I LOVE... I'll swap it out! couldn't beat the price though!!

My daughter found these for me.. 10/$1.00.. she was TICKLED!! and they match a few pieces that I already have!!

See these flowers...?? I'm a sucker for flowers... this past week I have walked my dog early in the morning.. ( to beat the heat) and as we were walking I noticed an edge of our park looked "walked" through.... so I peeked and I look and there were ALL these flowers just cut and thrown there... Who would TOSS flowers???? LOL LOL.. So shamelessly I picked them up.. put them in a mason jar.. and set them on the table!!

My Garden is BOOMING!!! These are my first two zucchini's... With plenty more to come!! Peas are almost ready.. and cucumbers are growing like mad as well!! It's been great to eat fresh eggs, and veggies lately... My hard work is STARTING to pay off!! How are your gardens doing?

Tomorrow I have to take the time and share an award I got.. and share it with some of you!!
Can't wait!


♥PugPosse♥ said...

OMG my Mother still has that set ( the one with the gravy boat) she had that when I was a child and still uses it everyday! LOL

~nerak said...

The Pink Pyrex are great! You really got a deal!

--From a fellow Pyrex/Corning Fanatic

Krystyn said...

Great finds yet again!

And awesome zucchini! Really, who throws out beautiful flowers? I'm at a loss.

Tam said...

YOU are the second Blog this week to SHOW PINK PYREX! I am so loving IT! Zucchini looks wonderful!!!

OneHappyfamily said...

Your zucchini looks so yummy. You are lucky to be able to grow a garden... Here in the desert, it is hard to keep grass alive. I do think I will try a container garden in the fall though. We shall see. I cut up squash and add a bay leaf, a couple of cloves of garlic and a can of crushed tomatoes and let that simmer in a pot on the stove till squash is tender. Try it! I use zucchini and crookneck (yellow.) Take care!

Tam said...

I so like that PINK.....HMMM maybe it is because I am the only girl in the house...not including the cats!

Cris said...

Sounds like you found some really awesome deals and you are teaching your daughter well about the fine arts of yard saleing. :D

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Pyrex....my mom had all of that!

And wow...I need you as my vegetable supplier. Perhaps I would do better on my diet if I had you to supply me with those zucchini every week!

How ya doin'? I've been so busy. I read your blog, but ashamed to admit many times I don't comment. Just so busy! Sorry! But I think of you often.


Wendy said...

We're at my grandparents right now in Illinois and we are still eating off the green flower corelle dishes that your daughter found:) I LOVE the pink pyrex that you found though!!

Jess said...

great finds...I have a set of pyrex bowls that were my grandfather's....I am loving your song list! -jess

Tam said...

OK so I keep coming back to drool over your pink pyrex! HMMM so are you going to cook in it or just display it in your kitchen!

HOPE you are having a great day!

Tanya said...

Oh I love posts like this! I love old treasures and you always find cool ones!

Susanne said...

I love that pink pyrex. It's very pretty. Perfect for a spring or summer table!

That gravy boat I think is from a corelle set my mom used to have when I was growing up. Man, I haven't seen that in forever.

Crossroads Cottage said...

I can't believe someone dumped those perfectly good flowers. Glad you gave them a lovely home!

My garden's a growing. We've already harvested three huge cucumbers and 1 large tomato. Many more are to come. :-)

Sandy said...

So glad to have found your blog, I am also a yard sale fanatic! So many bargains, so little time! And I picked strawberries this spring and made jam also! We love all the farm fresh produce this time of year.
Great blog, I will be back! :) :)