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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I truly LOVE where I Live... I can't imagine me living anywhere else...If I didn't get to watch the leaves turn colors or look out and see the Green Mountains of Vt.. for what seems forever and ever... well... I would be DEVASTATED ..All though the apple orchard we went to today.. this tree stuck out from the rest.. it was mainly the only tree in our area that changed to such vibrant colors..
Each year we usually grab a group of random kids... and shove them into our two cars and head over to the border lines of VT...Each Year we go to an Orchard Called WellWood. It's the same place where we went out and blueberry picked! Same little town in VT we grab our Christmas Tree as well!

We walked around a bit to check out the varieties of apples.. and the size.. size is a big issue for me.. because when I can them.. I don't want to peel 80 vs 40 to fill the jars... at first we had a REALLY hard time finding good size ones... It seemed maybe we were a bit "late" in the season to get the good size ones... UNTIL.. I found a tree that was hidden on the end of the trail... we picked TWO bushels just from one tree!

That's a pretty good sized apple!!

The year would not be complete unless a few kids were in a tree to pick the apples...
And of course we had to bring "FAKE JAKE" with us.. He didn't make one PEEP.. and we got quite a few strange looks.. as if there was something wrong with use because we were carrying around a plastic "baby".... ahhh ohh well.
The Whole Motley Crew..

Their pumpkins are AMAZING!! However.. the cost of them.. is something I can't swallow.. this one pumpkin was $20

You can see the size of it here with my son... it wasn't $20 "cute" to me!! But... as we all know the cost of everything is through the roof...
If you look even closer at my son's leg you can see where I "think" there was a spider bite!!

Tomorrow however... Good Morning America is going to be at Wellwood Orchards around 2pm.. Hubby and I were thinking of going back just to "peek" and see what they would be doing there... more than likely it will be CROWDED.. and I'm so NOT a crowd kind of gal..But I'll let you know!

As for now... I have 2 bushels of apples to can up and use through out the year...Can't wait!


preppy little dress said...

i love VT too, my family has been vacationing there for the past 18+ years.

my parents have a timeshare in stowe - TFL {trapp family lodge} and we spent the 1st 2 weeks in august there for many years!

it is such a beautiful part of the country! i haven't been out in a couple of years, maybe next august!

lucky you to live so close!

Real World Martha said...

I miss FALL so much. Arizona doens't have much. Maybe someday I will be around it again :(
Enjoy while some of us can't.

Krystyn said...

You are making me want a delicious apple pie. Right now. Before 10 am! $20 for a pumpkin is ridiculous.

countrygirl3031 said...

Those apples look delish...I'll have to find time to visit the orchard this weekend. I think VT has fall colors just like Wisconsin. I couldn't live anywhere else either..it's so beautiful here!

Last year we bought pumpkins at the farm...for 4 pumpkins it was $100...I was like "excuse me"? Yikes, I was gonna plant some this year but with moving, I didn't. I will next year!


Carrie said...

Oh the apples looks so good, great pictures! No I would not pay that for a pumpkin they have for 4 dollars at Wal-Mart.

Allmykids123 said...

What an absolutely beautiful place to live and raise a family. We're in Texas and get absolutely no color.. no cool Fall breezes.. blah!

Found you through Mere, and found her through MckMama. Love your blog. I'm especially excited to find a blog buddy in another State.

wholarmor said...

Very cool! I love the Fall. It looks like you live in a very beautiful area!

Cris said...

Not a single peep? Such a good baby. (Sorry, couldn't resist. LOL)

I love going to the apple orchard. The girls do too. I agree they can sometimes be WAY overpriced, but definitely a lot of fun to go to. I especially love getting the fresh hot Cinnamon doughnuts. Mmmmmmmmm

Susanne said...

What a lovely place! The apple picking looks like so much fun! And with you all the way on the size of the apple thing. We have a few people who always try to give us these puny apples to make applesauce but it takes hours to peel enough to make one large pot. I finally started to say no thanks as politely as I could. It was just too much work!

Crossroads Cottage said...

Those apples look so delicious! And $20 for a pumpkin - that is just crazy talk!!! :)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

This is so fabulous! I want to go pick apples now!