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Monday, November 10, 2008

GREETINGS!!! Guess whose BACK!!!

ME!! I am super excited to have my desktop back!!
I do have a laptop.. but I have to tell you.. I LOVE my desktop better.. not sure why.. but I do..

My poor computer had a WICKED BAD ( for us New Englanda's) spyware on it.. It portrayed itself as a spyware update 2009.. it was NOT! and unfortunately through this process.. someone was able to get my Debit Card # and tried buying some prescription plan in my account.. NOT COOL!Fortunately I have a WONDERFUL credit union... and the money is back in the bank..

So for the past couple weeks.. I have been..

1) Thinking about how my daughter is turning 18 and hating it.. why does 18 sound so finalized?

2) Sweating the small stuff.. when I shouldn't be

3) Wondering where God is in a lot of situations right now

4) Looked into Nursing School and HATED the idea that I have to become and LNA first.. ( not knocking LNA's.. don't get me wrong.. ).. but having spent 15 years in the medical field.. I'm ticked that I have to waste time on stuff that I'll probably fly through..

5) Had a super clean house.. LOL LOL..

In truth.. it hasn't been that bad....

The neighbor across the street is in her 70's and she has a flattop driveway.. something we don't have.. so she lets the kids keep their basketball hoop in her yard.. and allows the kids to play in her yard as long as they are respectful... and most of them are!! So hubby and I decided that it was time for the neighbor kids to give back.. so two weekends ago.. we went to her house and made/willingly had the kids rake up her yard..so of course.. I HAD to take pictures.. and had to share them with you!!

This is my buddy T.. T is slightly autistic and some days when he comes to visit.. I feel like pulling my hair out.. BUT.. deep down inside.. he TRULY is a SWEET kid..He always comes in and comes up to me and kisses my arm and says "How's my buddy doing today"... to sweet!

This is T's brother K.. he is the TINIEST kid... but he surely can hold his own with the other boys!

Here's K again with the neighbor around the corner... Z.. Z has a brother N who has spent almost a month at Dartmouth Hospital fighting an Autoimmune disease.. I was told the name but can't remember it..The boys are twins.. so Z was feeling lonely and lost without his brother.. so we asked him to come on over and rake..

I would call this INTERMISSION...

Here's K again with my hubby.. we were getting him to stamp down the leaves so we could shove more into the bags.. we were trying to be frugal and NOT have to go buy more.. and it WORKED!!

And just to please my buddy T.. I took pictures of the "treasures" he found..

And because I haven't done this in awhile.. I wanted to share what I've read...
Quick Easy Read.. and LOVED it!! Although Debbie isn't a Christian Author ( cause we all know that I'm snobs to Author's.. Ü) She writes pleasantly.. and I enjoy her sense of humor.. and love her characters.. while searching for this book picture.. I found that she too has a blog.. ( ok.. who DOESN'T have one now adays).. she seems super SWEET.. so check her out.. DEBBIE MACOMBER.
Currently I am reading this.. My thoughts?? Well.. it's set in the early 1800's, which I love due to history.. and it is set in a Shaker Village in Kentucky. However I'm finding the story to be DRY.. I'm NOT grabbing it to read it to find out what happens next.. but grabbing it to read more of the history on the Shakers. About 5 years ago I was lucky to be able to take my Girl Scout Troop to a Shaker Village in Canterbury NH. It is jammed pack full of history and if you're like me.. I LOVE to TOUCH history..
The Shaker Village in Enfield NH is right around the corner for us.. so naturally I had to go there too.. If you ever get a chance to visit a Shaker village.. DO SO! They are not like the Amish or the Mennonite even... To my knowledge the religion is long gone.. but it's preserved for us to still learn about what they believed in.

It's so good to be BACK!!


Sarah said...

Welcome back. Your leaf pics look like a fun time.

Krystyn said...

Welcome back!

What a great idea to help the neighbor out and give back to her:)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love Debbie Macomber. It was hard for me when my daughter turned 18, but even at 19 she still needs me and often! :)

Wendy said...

oh that's scary:( I had something so similar on my blog that was pretty hard to get off. Luckily I was able to before any damage was done.

Denise said...

I thought I was the only one who read "nice" stories. My BF laughs b/c I just finished a Beverly Lewis trilogy about an Amish girl.

And my oldest son is about to turn 17 and it is killing me! Please dont tell me that next year will be worse!!!

Mere said...

YAY!! SO glad you're back!! Love the pics too! You are such a caring neighbor to everyone....the kiddos and the elderly! Truly a Woman of God!! I think my mother will flip when I turn 18...she keeps saying I can't graduate and keeps saying it was yesterday when I was in kindergarten...so I don't think this will be too good for her next year!

Love, Mere

Lara said...

Well I am very happy you're back! I've missed you!

I heard about that virus on talk radio...I've been watching for it, in case something pops up. I'm sorry that happened to you.

What a wonderful service project! You are awesome!

Kim said...

So glad your back. The pics are great.

Sandy said...

Thrilled to see you back in action.
eek... I had issues with my son turning 12... looks like I am in deep trouble as he gets older.

Great pictures!

Cris said...


Sorry to hear what happened to your computer. Some people just make it so difficult to trust anyone or anything these days. UGH! Glad everything has been straightened out.

What a great idea having the kids give back to your neighbor by cleaning the yard. Awesome pictures too. :)

jayedee said...

yayayayayayayay! glad to see you back in the blogosphere girlie!
i was really starting to get bummed out........i come back, you disappear! lol
now it feels like all is right in the world!

Carrie said...

I am glad you are back! What a great idea about raking the leaves loved the pictures!

Tracey said...

Way to "pay it forward"! I am sure your neighbor appreciated it!! And of course beautiful pictures...as usual!!

Stop stressing about your sweet daughter turning 18!! This too is just a season...and if your not careful you will miss all of its wonders because you will be tooo busy fretting!! Quit it, Right now! (there....will that help?)

Soooo glad my flip flop mom is back!


jayedee said...


there's some linky love over on my blog for you!

in other words, TAG!!! you're it! lol

Crossroads Cottage said...

Glad to have you back! And you and your kids are the sweetest. Glad you gave back to your neighbor and raked! I'm sure it was greatly appreciated!!!!