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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SALUTATIONS EVERYONE!!! Sorry for the delay in blogging this past week... I'm trying to prepare for Company coming in from SPAIN and highschool graduation... I can't believe all the invites to these... and on top of that a Bridal Shower.... boy talk about pick and choosing... I love them all.. but I'm one person!! *Ü*...So since my life has been full of cleaning and working out of the home... I don't have much new to share... sooooooo I got this in my e-mails today.. and thought I would share it with you since it IS baseball season!!! Hopefully by next week while were on vacation I'll have many stories to share..and thoughts!!
GO ALL LEFT HANDERS!!!! WOO HOO!!! snicker snicker...!! Being one myself I must cheer us all on!!
Tuesday June 12th is PERFECT GAME DAY!!
Baseball’s first El Perfecto, a perfect game, was recorded on this day in 1880 ... a perfect game being when no batter reaches a base during a complete game of at least nine innings.
A southpaw, left-handed Lee Richmond of the Worcester (Massachusetts) Ruby Legs, pitched himself to perfection with a 1-0 shutout of the Cleveland Spiders in a National League game. Five days later, on June 17, the second, official perfect game was pitched by John Ward in another National League game between Providence and Buffalo.
It was two and a half decades later before this feat was accomplished again. This time, the now famous Cy Young of the Boston Red Sox, stopped the Philadelphia Athletics in an American League game.
Perfect game days are very rare! So if you get a chance to see one, either in person or on TV, you’ll be watching history in the making.
****I actually saw a NO HITTER at Fenway Park a few years back.. It was nice to be in on history.. but a girl has to admit.. there really was no action... *Ü*


mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

I just love my lil switch (mainly lefty;-)hitter!! SO company form Spain huh? making any special food? Blog about food!! All women LOVE food. . .can you tell I'm hungry?

So in response to your southern (VERY) name . . .I'm gonna give you a big ol' Yee HAW! LOL!!

Oh and it's still okay if you little girl is 16 ...go ahead and link to the site...you might win something ;-D Plus you can't leave me hanging with my first giveaway!!

Karla said...

We actually just watched one tonight on TV!!! Justin Verlander (a Detroit pitcher) pitched a no-hitter. It was so exciting!!!

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

I thought I'd come over and harrass you about stealing my idenity! LOL. Just kidding!

cajunquilter said...

oh girl take a deep breath and put your feet up for a little while. oh wait this is you...go clean something lol
love you,