Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Monday, July 09, 2007

Guess what I got today.......................... from CurlyGirl.......... The Rocking Girl BLOGGER!!!! I actually couldn't believe it... she is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! and I feel honored!!!! this is what she said about me... awwwwwwwwwww... she truly hasn't seen me whip out my horns.... BUT I can.. so don't let her comment fool you 100%... But here's what she wrote...
Everyone should check out Flip-FLop Mom.I do believe she is the kindest soul on the whole darn Internet, therefore - she rocks!
She is the one that truly ROCKS!!!
Anyway... now I must pass this one to 5 wonderful Glorious bloggers... that is HARD cause I could give it to EVERYONE!! So here is who I chose and why...
Cajun Quilter!!-- She rocks because she is definitely a solid friend.. and someone I can always bounce things off of.. and she is a true woman of God.. and I feel blessed to have her in my life!! She is a true mentor.. she is honest.. she will tell you things with GRACE and will always pray about what comes off her tongue first.. a quality I HIGHLY LACK!! she's my southern mama!!! *Ü*
Enjoying the View... Chris always always reads my Blog and I love her for her!! She is a great support... PLUS.. her blog is loaded with FUNNY mishaps... her love for God is present.. yet she's a real person!!!
The babbling of Mere...Oh my goodness .. she is a highschooler... this girl.. is on FIRE for the Lord.. I absolutely positively LOVE to what goes on in her heart... She's beautiful... and God is preparing her for a wonderful life.. and it shows.. because she is LISTENING to Him.. she is truly compassionate!!!
The Nitty Gritty... Ok... I read this BLOG almost everyday without fail.. WHY? Because this is a mom of inspiration... determination...Isn't afraid to get cake batter on the floor to see her children's eyes light up.. Her faith in the Lord is PROMINENT... God has brought her through the hardest trial a parent could EVER face.. and her heart and spirit are still filled with joy for others... She totally rocks!!
Mason and Terri's mom... http://masonterri.blogspot.com/ ( I don't know how to do the fancy) "click on the name and go right to their link)... if someone would teach me I would LOVE THAT!! LOL LOL!!!
Anyway.. WHAT a super de duper fun loving BLOG this is... I don't know how I found her.. but I adore what she writes.. she is REAL.. She is HONEST.. one of the two best qualities a person can have!!! She loves up on her kids.. and shares the joys of her little ones moments.. my little ones are much bigger.. so I LOVE peeking into her southern world.. and seeing little ones again.. I blessed that she share them with us.. and I'm sure you would feel the same!!
Ok.. so off with you all.. find 5 people to honor!!! I know you can do it.. There are soooooooo many I wanted to give this to... Every one's blog I read today.. I promise to tell you!! YOU ROCK!! Cause you do!!


Deb said...

Nitty Gritty is one of my faves too! She's so real and has such a good grasp on the important things in life. I don't know if I would be able to carry on as well with the circumstances she's faced!

Jody said...

Awe, thanks! I know you know that I don't take credit for the Joy and Strength I have in life. It's all from God...He just makes me look good. =) And that is what I try to share and give back through my Nitty.Gritty. blog. THANKS for the kind words...and for checking in on my life so frequently. We're all on an adventure...I'm so glad you can learn something from mine. Happy blogging...YOU rock! =)

Cris said...

See, now you've gone and put me on the spot. LOL. Thank you for the kind words. That was really sweet. :)

And to help you with the "fancy, click on the name to go to the website" all you have to do is highlight the word you want to use for your link then click the picture above your box that looks like a globe with a paperclip above it and it will pull up a pop window where you insert the link and then hit enter and that's it! (I'm REALLY hoping all of that made some sort of sense...LOL)

OK, now I'm off to try and do my five. Catch ya later. :P

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

awwe! You are so sweet! My first nomination! (about time someone took notice of my fabuosity!~and yes I just made up a word!)

And since you are so kind to recognize me as a rocking blogger I'll let you in on the little "click on the name and go right to their link" thingy.

Since you have blogger there is a little icon you can just hit...

Follow these directions....
1. type what you want to use like...Elizabeth or Mason and Terri's Mom...or the Pointless Babbler...
2. Highlight what ever word or words you want to use....
3. Click the little link icon~the fifth over from font(while you are composing your blog entry...you should be under compose not edit HTML)
4. then just enter the link you would like to use...I like to open a new tab and copy and paste the link in there...as for no typos.

or you can do it manually...I just really memorized this!


Confused? email me. Mason_TerrisMom@yahoo.com

Dangit I just tried to post and it wont let me, b/c op the "HTML cannot be read" crud! email me

Kerry said...

Rock on!!!!!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

I agree with Kerry! I love your blog and your sweet nature!!!!

Did you see she game me an award too? Hilarious! Isn't she the sweetest?


Mere said...

Hey Flipflop,
I just saw this...and you made me cry!! Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!! I feel HONORED!!! I like what Jody says...."I know you know that I don't take credit for the Joy and Strength I have in life. It's all from God...He just makes me look good. =)" AMEN!! DITTO!!! You, my dear, are an AWESOME person yourself....and don't EVER let anyone tell you different!! I am so thankful the Lord placed you in my life. :)

Love, Mere

cajunquilter said...

i did see this, and i will post on it eventually lol. i know you know all that is going on here right now, but things appear to be slowing down and i will write a catch up blog soon and then acknowledge this one. please just bear with me another day or so!
you know i love you and you know i cried when i read your kind words.