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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our 4th of July was not to eventful this year! As you can see my poor pitiful fireworks had to be watched from home because it was POURING outside... I ran down the end of my street and snapped this photo. As you can see from the other photos it was hazey and a tad bit humid yesterday.. we all knew the ran was going to come down. I proceeded to cook for the event while the kids swam and the guys played horseshoes... Before the rain came we decided to play volleyball...
One of the ladies playing stepped on a piece of pipe in the yard which led to trying to figure out what it went to.. as you got a little deeper in the ground we found a dog collar... OH MY.. I wanted them to stop digging cause you never know what you could find under that!! YIKES.. come to find out.. it was just a pipe put in the ground to hook up a dog.. PHEW!!
Anyway.. I made YUMMY YUMMY LEMON BARS and Homemade Lemonade....Those were gone before the meal was even cooked!! It was to hot to bring chocolate!!
I am GRATEFUL for the freedom we have in this country to honor God, Worship, and have a glorious day off to spend with friends and family! I thank all the Men and Women in the military who to this day still fight for our Freedom and for the families who sacrifice all they have for their loved ones to keep us FREE!!
How was your 4th of JULY?


Susanne said...

Our Canada turned out to be a very warm, still night which was really nice. Usually it's quite windy.

And asking pretty please for you to post that Lemon Bar recipe!

Susanne said...

oops that should say "our Canada Day"

Mere said...

Ours was REALLY uneventful compared to years past. The parade and fireworks were canceled due to rain. We went to BBQ at a friends house and that was good......Sounds like you had fun!! TTYL!!


Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

We had Perfect Hot Weather!!! We all got a sunburn from fishing all day, and were totally exhausted from the festival that evening. Heat really can drain the life out of ya!!!

Cris said...

We had a lot of fun. One of my Nephews was born on July 5th so we always celebrate his birthday on the 4th. It's usually an all day event and ends with fireworks at night, but my girls got a little tired, early so we had to leave before getting to see them. But it was OK since we had just gone to see fireworks the day before. :P

Sorry to hear that you had to deal with rain, but I bet it was still nice to be with family. :)

Lara said...

Sometimes I think it's nice to just spend the day at home. :)

We were on vacation at our parents house, so we were pretty busy with several BBQ's and the parade and such. Always a fun day! :)