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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well.. today in a group I'm in.. we got into an intense topic... the topic about the MARK OF THE BEAST... I'm going to be honest with you.. the book of Revelations TERRIFIES ME!... Because in essence it's so revealing.. it's so easy to read scripture and say.. "The Lord says to do this.. the Lord says to be this way.. we are to train a child up.. etc."... but when the Lord talks about the comings of the anti-christ my heart sinks.

Perhaps my heart sinks because I have so much faith in the bible that I KNOW in my hearts that it will come. If it doesn't come in my time.. will it come in my children's and their children's? Will they be fooled.. or will they suffer because their love for Christ is strong...??

The topic of microchips came up. We chip our animals if they get lost ( well some of us do.. I never have)... I guess though now they are trying to microchip people with Alzheimer's. I don't agree with that... here is a web-site verichip It looks sweet and pretty and oh so wonderful.. but is it truly necessary?

While looking through scripture this is what I found today... and shared with others...

The Beast out of the Earth...
Revelations 13:11

Just to paraphrase...
This is the Second beast that comes out of the earth.. He has two horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon... He symbolizes religious power in the service of secular authorities.. he attempts to be gentle and harmless ( remember the wolf in sheep's clothing)...
He is a deceiver...
but people on earth ADORE HIM!!
He gave power to the FIRST beast to speak.. and all who did not obey the first beast WERE killed... then 16 goes on to say this..
He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast of the number of his name."..

-- this number symbolized the imperial cult.. the 666 which is the trinity for evil and and imperfection--each digit falls short of the perfect number 7
This will be the ultimate test of loyalty.

What are your thoughts? I know this is kind of deep and intense.. but with the way the world is going.. What will you do?


Mere said...

I am just scared too...because like you, I have faith in the bible. I was scared when I had a friend die on 6/6/06....because of what you see in Revelations. I am just freaked out for a false prophet....I guess we must just pray that this doesn't happen in any of our lifetimes. We never know.... but I'm sure it will be a few thousand years....at least I hope and pray.


Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

This world is way too close to the end, I think. With the fires and the floods, and chaos. My husband's grandmother use to talk about it, and it would scare us too. Just, what if this mark comes to us as a fashion or fad, totally blinds us from it, and tricks us? I have total faith in the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope and pray that this will be beyond our lifetime, but with all the happenings....it's scary.

Cris said...

Hey Music Queen, I have a song that I can't seem to find a title and artist for and I was hoping maybe you can help me out. It's sung by a guy and it has lyrics that go "I will sing louder than the angels"...

And I agree it is getting pretty scary. You hear all over the world about people getting killed simply because they're a Christian. It makes me glad that I live here in America, but it's only a matter of time before Christians will be more openly and aggressively persecuted here as well. We're already being shown as hateful and misusing the word intolerant to make us look bad.

I'm praying that Jesus doesn't come back too soon. I have family members who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and one in particular has even gone as far as to openly reject Him as being the Son of God and reduced Him down to just being a "good man". :(

Congratulations on getting the blogger award two more times. You definitely deserve it. But I want to know is, does that now make you a "Super Rockin Blogger?" LOL :P

jayedee said...

i try not to be afraid. we aren't supposed to live with a spirit of fear. i think cautious might be a better word.
personally, i don't believe the mark will come without our Father giving us a least of modicum of discernment.
hit your knees ladies!
He won't bring us to it unless He sees us thru it.
(((((group hug)))))

Susanne said...

I was saved in the early '80's when end time teaching was huge. I never could really get into it. It scared me more than built my faith and I wanted to concentrate on building my faith. So now, sadly and to my shame, I am very lacking in knowledge of end time events.

Trish D said...

I definitely am fearful, particularly when I stop and think about the immorality in American - and those who dare to speak out are labelled on intolerant (the worst insult ever!) Judgment is indeed coming, but I trust my Lord to see us through. I also know that my faith will be tested in ways I cannot imagine, and I pray that I emerge from the fires golden.

Cris said...


Donna said...

I have seen you around on peoples blogs...I stop by randomly...I think I may come back more!

Check me out!

This whole things scares me...LOTS.
I feel like I am not where I need to be to go through this, and who knows it could happen with us, we have NO idea. There is a lot going on in our world that could be something like the mark. We need to be cautious.

I also just had a scary thought. This is one more reason we need to really instill in our children the fear of the Lord. We need to teach them from an early age to love him more than anything. It could be them=(

We have to remember how much God loves us and where we will be when our time is done.

Scary. But something REALLY think about.

Happywife84 said...

That is SO interesting that you got on this topic..It just came up in a group I'm in!!!