Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves." Romans 12:10

Yesterday was 9/11. An anniversary of a horrible tragedy for all Americans AND others from other countries. However yesterday, every site I visited, ever group I belong to seemed to shun the thought on this tragedy. I got e-mails that stated "it hurt more for me than it did for you because I was so close." or "if you're going to show pictures or write about it WARN us before you post it".. or "I'm not opening the 9/11 thread".. I don't know why but this saddened me. Truly and deeply.

9/11 WAS and STILL is horrific. But 9/11 is real. I remember what I was doing.. I remember who I was with.. and I remember how my children reacted. I remember my daughter making 200 angel necklaces and giving every single being in her school one and mailing one to the President of the United States. I remember the questions. I even remember the smell and the weather...if I remember all that WHY oh WHY can't I remember the fallen people? Why can't I remember those who were there and those who went to save those who were there that LOST their lives. Why should I SHUN all that from my thoughts and memories. I'm angry that others think that we shouldn't remember. I'm angry that others told me to shut up. I'm angry! and I don't like being angry! 9/11 is RAW.. and REAL.. and all those that lost their lives or even watched the horrific display should be honored and remembered. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yesterday while driving around I saw very little but rain.. until I drove up to my local Fire Department. My heart stopped.. I wanted to get out of my car and THANK these men for taking the time through the pouring rain to honor those who had fallen in their career. My husband being an awesome man that he is.. took me BACK to the firestation and parked right out front.. I took a picture.. not the greatest due to the weather... but I knew in my heart.. I did not, nor do I ever want to forget 9/11.. it brought our country closer to one another.. it even brought some of the nonbelievers closer to Christ, who am I to judge upon this?

Here is my home town picture!
I hope my thoughts don't seem insensitive because I'm not trying to be. I just believe every American was effected deeply and I'm truly.... ever so truly..... sorry for those that lost a loved one during this tragedy.


the real ~Roxann~ said...

I have no idea why anyone could be offended by your thoughts. I think what you said was well thought out and made lots of sense to me. In fact, I feel exactly the same as you do!

God Bless America!!


(I never even made it out yesterday. Griffin was home sick from Pre-K w/ a fever. In fact, I didn't even realize "the date" until late last night......)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Oh, and I love your pic! I have a whole pack of Black/white pics from all around our town of the signs, the fire station and random places of people's reactions to 9/11 right after it happened. One of these days...I intend to make an album of them.

Cris said...

Very well said Terri. It's very hard to understand why anyone would want to just forget what had happened especially since the threat is still very real today. It would also be hard to believe if I had not have heard the very comments you've stated. Not directed towards me but towards others. We SHOULD remember those that lost their lives on that tragic day and we should never forget why it happened. It has changed America forever. It has shown us the very real serious nature of our enemies. If we were to simply forget we would risk the danger of having something like this or much worse happen again. And I pray that it doesn't.

Very good post Terri and God Bless you for posting it.

Deb said...

I vividly remember that day - leaving Kenton at daycare and going to teach my little class of first graders. So many of them had seen the devastation on tv and were asking so many questions.

THe following couple of years we did big service projects at school in honor of Patriot's Day.

This year - nothing was even mentioned.

I thought your post was right on. We should be remembering. We should be more aware.

Lara said...

I so agree with you. My husband and I were so shocked when we saw the poll on CNN on Tuesday. It was "should we pare down on huge 9/11 memorials."

Bad enough they would even ask. Horrible that YES was in the lead.

We need to remember it. It needs to be memorialized each year.

Miss French Jessica said...

9/11 is so hard; so raw and so full of emotion even 6 years later I can't help but break down into a puddle of tears. My heart hurts for the losses others have experienced personally as well as the pain I feel just remembering. Like you, I remember everything from that day. It's just so horrific, I can understand how people feel a need to move away from such a tragic and horrible event and focus on the more positive, less frightening realities. Is it right? Perhaps not, but I do see why some may choose to.

cajunquilter said...

I also have been sadden by the country wanting to put 9/11 behind us. That is humans for you, they just want to forget anything that dosn't "feel good". sigh.

i just may have to write something on my blog about it lol.