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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I was reading one of my regular blogs... WENDY... She had a post about "Paying it Forward".. so here I am.. I was the third one to reply.. ( never thought that would happen).. but I decided to play because I made something.. that I'm going to share!! So.. yes I made these by hand and I made my own patterns and everything.... I will SEND YOU ONE... of the cats.. filled with a couple of goodies...

I adore primitive things and I LOVE to decorate that way for all the seasons and holidays...

What you need to do is tell me what is your most favorite tradition that you and your family do during the fall seasons. Is it leaf peeping?? Apple picking?? Do you do a corn maze...?? Let me know.. Link this back to your blog.. and let me know that you did.. I will put your name in the running and pick ONE winner on September 23,2007 the FIRST day of FALL!!!


jayedee said...

down here in the lost world, the fall season kicks off barbeque and bonfire season for us. we love to sit around the fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows (for s'mores) laughing and just generally having a good time. i think fall is my absolute favoritest time of the year!

jayedee said...

here are your 5 questions girl:

1)what do you consider your biggest character flaw?

2)you've just been given a once use only pair of ruby slippers. what will you wish for?

3)panties or mascara? (you can only choose one lol)

4)please tell us about your decorating style

5) brittney spears knocked on YOUR door in the middle of the night begging you to help her turn her life around. what will you do?

Cris said...

My favorite thing to do with the family in the fall is to go to the apple orchard. The girls love going through the corn maze, and climbing the hay stacks, petting the animals and getting to help fill the bag with the apples they have chosen. :)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

First....I want to know....what the heck is leaf peeping?!?!?! NEVER heard of that before.

Ok.....to answer the question....Our Fall tradition is the "annual trip to the pumpkin patch!" I LOVE IT!!!!
I take all these fantastic pics of my lovelies and can't wait to scrap 'em every year!!!

And I'm super excited because this year we are going to our first corn maze! They are having media day at one on Sept. 27th and as soon as I heard about it....I said we are SO DOING THAT!!! I hope it will be so much fun!!!

jayedee said...

i'm signing up again LOL
i ADORE pumpkin candles this time of year! normally i'm a sage and citrus kind of gal, but in the fall? oh yes! pumpkins, apples and spice all the way!

Deb said...

Oh my stinkin' cute cat bags! Could you be any more talented?!

Our favorite tradition at our house is to head up the canyon (just a few minutes from our house) to take our new family pictures at "our" picture spot. We do this twice. Once with just us and once with Grammy for her Christmas card photos.

The other favorite is the Elk Festival which happens sometime in October (when Elk season starts because those elk just seem to know and head to Hardware Ranch Elk Preserve). We ride the wagons out to look at the elk, paint pumpkins, stamp animal tracks, learn about animals, look at bugs, and then stop at McD's on the way home for lunch. Great fun!