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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I know.. it's September and I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts.. I just know though by the time the fall slows down.. Christmas will be RIGHT there... So I'm trying to prepare... I was looking at sites for "FRUGAL CHRISTMAS" and I found this one... It has coupons.. and this is the coupon I'm ASKING for for CHRISTMAS!! LOL
I did want to share with you what I made for my hubby's GRAM..... Please give some feedback.. I'm always up to it!! THANK YOU for those that commented my picture frame!!!

Yeah.. my joy is smudge here.. but it's been fixed!! YAY!!


Kerry said...

I love your work.

i_am_4given said...

Terri!! You are very talented!!! Hey, maybe we can swap gifts this year...you tell me what scent you would like, and I would love one of those picture frames!!!..hehe

the real ~Roxann~ said...


Wow...the acrylic album is FANTASTIC~

Is that your first acrylic? Did you like it? Was it hard to work with? Does the paint want to come off/scrape off easily?

Love it!!

Lara said...

The mini book is amazing! I love it, and I'm sure she will love it too! :)

Donna said...

A perfect gift! It will be treasured, unlike something you get her she may not want!

I would love one of those coupons too!

Cris said...

LOL, I think I need to ask for something like that for Christmas too LOL LOL!

I love your work! Those turned out beautiful!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Gorgeous!! You do great work..Sandy

Jen in MS said...

What a gorgeous and precious little scrapbook!!! I love it!