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Monday, December 17, 2007

I got a package today.. and I was pleasantly surprised... and I giggled so hard when I saw my gift...... I LOVE YOU JAYEDEE!! YOU ROCK!!! who else but a Florida Girl could get a New Hampshire girl this kind of tree ornament!!!!

Oh and here is the GORGEOUS Candle that LISA gave me!!!!! READ her blog... you WILL LOVE IT!!!Tomorrow my neighbor is babysitting TWO PUGS.. oh I can't WAIT to see them!!!!

I've also been boogying around and BAKING like a MAD woman.. Gosh I have made Banana Bread, Cookie Dough Brownies, Chex Mix, Buddy Buddy's, Mini Spice Bundt cakes, Chocolate Chip Cookies and MORE!!! But my gifts are almost done and ready to be delivered!! WOO HOO!!
So I decided at 11pm on SATURDAY night I was going to march my butt to Wal*Mart and GET all the BAKING supplies I needed.. and the store would be dead..!! Well............ I was RIGHT the store WAS DEAD.. but the shelves were BARE!!! YIKES!!!! Fortunately enough this sweet older gentleman found me a box of Corn Chex to make my MIX.. but not another kind.. so I surrendered to the shelf and bought HONEY NUT CHEX.... and made the Chex Mix...Ok.. I am in NO WAY a fan of the Chex Mix.... however.. with this HONEY NUT CHEX ... it was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! It gives enough sweetness with the salt to give it a POP!!!!! So... next time you make the Chex Mix... PASS on the WHEAT.. and PASS on the RICE.. mix it up with Corn and HONEY!! YUM!!!! and I have to admit.. I alter the recipe as well... I use a WHOLE stick of butter and about 4 TBSP of Worcestershire sauce.... YUM!!!

And along with all that... I made PIONEER WOMAN'S Lasagna.... yum.. that's all I have to say!! I had dinner guests Saturday night and they agreed!!!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Hi Terri!

My, you've been busy!!! What is a buddy buddy? Never heard of that one.....

The Chex mix revision sounds great! And that lasagna looks fabulous!

And the Flip Flop ornament is adorable!!!


Mere said...

O...wow!! You've been REALLY busy!! The flip flop is sooooo CUTE!! Love you!

Wendy said...

I love the flip flop:) It's nice to see a little summer in all this snow!!

Lara said...

The flip flop ornaments are so adorable! :)

♥PugPosse♥ said...

It is funny you and I have not bumped onto eachother in Walmart...( then again you did you did see my daughter there LOL) I swear I live at that store!
I made Lasagna the other night for dinner too!
I love the Flip Flop Ornament! so cute! ...have you burned your Candle yet?

Susanne said...

Now that ornament is just too perfect!

You have been busy. I've baked more this year then I have in a long, long time. I don't know what's got into me. ;v)

Cris said...

My goodness woman! You go girl!

Lasagna sounds really good right now. :P

sassylady said...

I googled "how long does chex mix last" and your blog came up under it. Great idea to use sweet chex. i always add more butter and spices but bought my cereal at costco so have all three flavors. The lasagne looks awesome. will try it next.
Great site

Mo said...

That ornament is too CUTE! I love flip flops too. :)