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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This is my 150th Post.. I can't believe I've had 150 plus things to talk about... !! Kind of makes me crack up!!

Last night I stayed up til about 2:30 in the morning crafting a gift for my Mother in love that I want her to have BEFORE Christmas.. since the gift pertains to Christmas... I have no pattern.. no rhyme or reason.. it's something that I came up with... the "pouch" for the CD is the same McDonald's fry pattern that I cut the bottom off on.. and then sewed it shut... She loves my Christmas CD's.. so I thought I would burn some of them and share!! I will probably add more embellishments.. but for now I had to walk away from it... Ü

Ok.. Now before you peek at my sewing project.. PLEASE keep in mind I am not a huge sewer.. I'm pretty much self taught... and I'm NOT perfect.. but I thought of this idea and I wanted to go with it.. I had this bunch of fabric that I was just going to toss because I thought.. "Where or how would I use this????".... and the light bulb went off.... Again.. I Have no pattern...no rhyme or reason.. this is just it... and you experienced sewers.. HOLD your chuckles please!!!! Ü While I was sewing this I had to battle my cat too.. she ran off with the needles.. and string.. ahhhhhhhhh she was like watching a little child!!!
Its a toothbrush holder and a tube of toothpaste for travel.. I want to put floss and a cheap timer in their for my friends daughters... you know the rule 2 minutes for brushing!!! No EXCUSES!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha....

And this is Emma Lou Who ( her name for two years now.. LOL LOL) She was quite tired after all the sewing!!


i_am_4given said...

TERRI!!!!!!!!! I want the pattern for the toothbrush/toothpaste holder!!! I love them!!! And I would love to make a few for my nieces.


cajunquilter said...

that is awesome! you made the cd carrier???? girl you are one talented lady. and oh yes, when is the etsy shoppe selling this gonna open???

love ya,
mama kim

Mere said...

Those are both soooo CUTE! I remember the 2 minute rule...ahh....soo funny :) Luv ya!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh MY Stars! You are soo Good! Love Love Love your talent! That CD Book is Wonderful! and That Tooth Brush bag is great for when the kids have sleep overs..so easy to toss in the overnight back. So cool

Looks like you need to start your own buisness.... you will do well with it!

Cris said...

Awwwww, your kitty is adorable.

And I LOVE the CD holder idea. That is really neat. You definitely have creative talent!!

Tim and Shawnie said...

I love, love, love the CD holder. That is just so stinkin' cute. I love that you are making all your CHRISTmas gifts. You've got talent girly.

Mason and Terri's Mom said...

YOU ARE SOOOO TALENTED!!! I can't wait till the kids are in school so I can have some time to be creative! UNTIL then you can ship that cd holder and the toothbrush holder to Elizabeth ______
@_ _ _ _ __________ RD.
__________, NC, ________



Queen Karana said...

The CD carrier is way cool.
I really like those. I would say you are really talented.

Tam said...

Great Gifts and you are crafty.

I love the picture of your kitty...as I have 4 cats of my own...I am a cat fan and lover of great kitty picture moments. I even have a whole scrapbook dedicated to scrapping pictures of my cats. lol It is sad however that I have scrapbooked more picture of my cats than my beautiful children..lol

Lara said...

LOVE the CD album. It's totally adorable and such a great, meaningful gift!

The toothbrush thing is way cute, too....love the fabric you found! So perfect!

the real ~Roxann~ said...


You are so awesome!!!! I love the CD holder! It's so cool!

And the toothbrush thing is so cute! That fabric just makes me crack up!


Donna said...

YOU WON the gift from ME. Send me and e-mail with your address.

jayedee said...

please pre order a cd book for me when your ETSY shoppe FINALLY opens!
this is the cutest idea EVER! i loveeeeeee it! i am sooooo going to go broke here lol

Miss French Jessica said...

Wow! You're one crafty chica! Love your cd "box". Awesome! I may just have to "steal" that idea! :)