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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The pictures you are about to see.. are NOT volcanic pictures, they are not pictures of a bike trail gone bad.. nope.. they're not even pictures of rocks on mountains... This Blog Readers... is my sidewalk that sits in front of my home!! Disgusting isn't it?? When we had that warm stretch and melted a lot of snow.. the town came out and took the massive piles of snow away from the front of our homes.. I was truly thankful for that.. but in the process what once was a BAD sidewalk now is a HORRID sidewalk..

I am taking these pictures and writing a letter to my city! I pay so much in taxes that everytime I drive my car to the front of my house it does NOT deserve to be scratched down the side of it.. three times this has happened...Three times I have been angered.. Three times to many with our taxes!! I know.. I know.. if I complain and they fix it.. then taxes will just go up again.. I'm going to be honest.. I normally don't talk about money.. or the cost of things.. etc.. but I have .014 acres of land... YES.. I'm talking POSTAGE STAMP size... and my taxes a year are almost $3500... I'm sure some of you can beat me.. and some of you are picking your jaws up... remember I'm in NH.. No state tax... well.. if that's what they want to say... Trust me.. you live in the state.. you HAVE TAX!!! And to top all that off.. I believe there are about 145 houses for sale in this city alone... that's quite a bit!! YIKES.. so selling isn't even an option. Do you know how many times I've twisted my ankle walking down off the sidewalk?? Our house sits on a hill.. closer to the bottom so there is a slop involved as well...

Ok.. so now that you ALL have seen my little red headed/freckled picture... I want you to take a look at this picture... Minus the dimple.. and the teeth being a bit bigger... I thought I was looking in a mirror... it was quite strange.. but what do you think.. am I off?? You can be honest... sorry about the crappy photo... battery was dying.. and I was being L-A-Z-Y!!! LOL LOL I would love to see what this little girl looks like in 20 years.. LOL LOL!!

This was sent to me in an e-mail today.. I thought it was a CRACK UP!!! I'll be honest..it sounded a lot like my in-loves... well minus the viagra stuff.. no idea there.. and I ain't going there... But really it's quite funny!!!

Born to be Wild

And what I'm reading
It takes place in the early depression about a family who has lost their home and all their money. They set off from PA to the midwest on foot... I think this will be a good story.. some of it.. well.. it's not realistic.. but then again I read to escape reality so no complaints here.. Ü


Wendy said...

Yikes! That's a lot of taxes. I remember Lisa telling us how much she pays. Crazy! We pay way less than that, but we live in a small town with no extras. Your sidewalk is horrible. You should def. complain because with all those taxes you pay they should be able to fix those. GEESH!

the real ~Roxann~ said...


And, yes, the girl looks like you!!!

Erin said...

that's so weird! that looks exactly like you! In fact, until I read, I thought it was you on a magazine!

Lara said...

Those sidewalks don't look fun at all! Hope they fix them soon! :)

Tam said...

Yes the little girl looks like YOU! I thought at first you were posting from your childhood when you were on a magazine or something until I read the post!!!

I am avoiding anything to do or say about taxes.

Me said...

I just read that book a few days ago! I liked it. Just checked out the next book in the series the other day, but haven't started it yet.