Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Thursday, January 17, 2008

You know.. it's amazing how many people can touch your life... especially those that you have never met! When I first got the internet and started exploring and "meeting" people I promised myself I wouldn't change for internet.. I was going to be ME... PLAIN and SIMPLE!! So when I read this I was VERY touched!!

**I award this Bloggers with Integrity award for keeping it real to flipflopmom over at just a flipflopmom. she is who she is without apology and can usually put a great spin on her life with grace and humor. love you girlie!

I was awarded this award from Jayedee from Life in the Lost World
You know.. ever since I met her.. I myself always though of her as a "keeping it real" kind of gal... She is a beautiful Christian woman.. but understand the real world we live in.. She is a "keeping it real Christian"!!! She can laugh at things without being offended.. understand where her kids and the world is coming from... and hands it over to God... She is a true woman of honor.. and an outstanding mom... Go peek at her blog and see JUST how many kiddos she does have!!!! You will be surprised!!! And as an added bonus... they are all GORGEOUS!!!!

So... I have been asked to pay it forward.... This is going to be soooooooooooooo hard!! Sooooooooo hard.... I would give it back to her.. in a heartbeat... BUT... I can't... sooooooo here are my 5... I would give it to EVERYONE I blog with... cause I think you all ROCK!!

1) My first blogger friend is Wendy from WesnLani
Wendy is one of the sweetest NH moms!! I love reading her blog because I too think she keeps it real.. I can relate to many things she has to say.. and I love the fact that her kids and her husband are her prime focus in life. And she introduced me to Pugposse!!
I love how she responds to each and everyone of my blog posts to her!!

2) Is actually Lisa from Pugposse!!
She is adorable.. and I have met her in person!!! She adores her family and her pugs!! I met her one time and felt like I had known her for years!! Her house is as adorable if not more than what she shows on her blog. She has passion and she doesn't hold it back... I see her as "if it fails... then heck.. I'm gonna try again".. and her daughter has been the sweetest friend to my son!!

3) Is my newer blogger friend TAM from MommaSong
She states in her profile she's "just" another stay at home mom... little does she realize.. she's more than just the "just"... She is full of life and character and has a POSITIVE outlook on everything she writes!! I love her photos and what she shares.. Thanks for being my new blogger friend!!!

4) ahhh this blogger is amazing in many ways.. Lara from Overstuffed
She has three amazingly BEAUTIFUL daughters that bring life to the blogging world.. I read her posts some day and Laugh out Loud... and some days want to cry because I miss the moments that she is getting to now... It's not easy watching your ONE daughter grow into a woman and start peeking at colleges.. sniff sniff... however.. I can head on over to her blog anyday and see what her girls are up to.. or what they're saying.. the latest post.. one of her daughters ask "Mom is Jesus your brother".... LOVE her answer!!! Her photography is so amazing as well!!!

5) But not least... Gosh.. I want this list to grow.. and grow.. and grow... but.. for my 5th and final blogger I give to Donna from Blessings of Love
She is a busy mom and a wife helping her husband grow their business!!! I love reading what she is up to.. how her kids are doing.. and what little things she posts to her blog!!! She is ALWAYS encouraging!! Always!! and I'm still waiting for her visit to NH.. where she is ALWAYS welcome!! Then all us NH bloggers will HAVE To get together!! She truly keeps everything "real" in what she blogs!! Any any blogger who can open up their fridge and take a picture of it's current STATE gets two thumbs up from me!!! Ü

I also got hit with the Seven Random things about me!!!

*The rules are to link the person who sent this to you...and leave a comment on their blog.. so their readers can visit yours.
*post the rules on your blog
*Share 7 strange/weird facts about you on your blog
*Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking their blog
*Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blog...

So ....

1)I have lived in my house for 7 years and I have never ever peeked in my attic

2) I didn't know who I was going to vote for in our state primary til I walked into the voting booth

3)I despise painting my fingernails because chipped nailpolish looks horrible to me.

4) I crave naps almost every single day and some days I have to fight NOT to take one.

5) I am a MAJOR MAJOR junkfood Junkie.. however I won't eat ice-cream and I don't favor chips that much either!

6) I hate going to be at night with sinks in the dishes.. I don't want to see them in the morning.

7) I think this blog entry has taken me the longest to write out of any other entry!!

Ok.. who to tag...

1) Wendy of course...

2) Mere she ROCKS!!

3) The Foxes... she actually has a great question at her blog today!!

4) The Real Roxanne.. her blog name says it all!! She is great!!

5) Chris.. GOSH.. I love her!! She was one of my first blogger friends!!

6) Erin.. she is the CUTEST!!! I absolutely ADORE her pink shoes!! and she has a pug!!

7) Shawnie!! from Life as we know it!! Check out her new blog post it cracked me up.. plus she has some really good music!!!

Oh my.. this was time consuming.. LOL LOL.. I had another whole post to add today.. but miss jayedee caught me off guard.. LOL LOL... Sooooo tomorrow I shall share more!!!!


♥PugPosse♥ said...

Awww....A Big Thank you!!! you are so sweet to think of me. I too felt the same way about meeting you once and feeling like were were lifetime friends...we need to go to Sophie's for Lunch and catch up!
Tori thinks the world of Austyn~

Mere said...

Hey Darlin',
You got me.....I'm back! Going to post about my life and do your challenge :) Miss and love you :)

Lara said...

Awww, thanks a million! You are TOO Sweet! I wish I didn't live all the way across the country so I could meet you sometime!

Wendy said...

Oh...thanks so much sweetie:) I can't wait for us all to get together. I LOVE Lisa and I know I will LOVE you too!!!

The Foxes said...

Hi there!
I will do your challenge soon.
Thanks for tagging me...I love to do stuff like that =-) I feel special!
Have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Donna said...

THANKS!!! Made me feel better ( I am sick)this morning. I have never got a blogger award!!!

I would love to visit NH, soon. We shall see.

The Foxes said...

I have completed my task! Come and see my answers...


Tam said...

Thank YOU! I love your blog!

Mere said...

Hey Darlin',
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!...you totally made my day!! To answer your question...YES I did want to lose weight. I was sort of pushed into it by my doctor because I have irregular uterine bleeding and had a D&C at age 11. I had no problem with needing to lose weight because deep down inside I knew I needed to and wanted to and definatly had a lot of support from everyone in my life. Your son will need a letter of reccomendation from his doctor, but other than that it is really easy. I love it!! Love ya!


Happywife84 said...

WOO HOO! Great post!!

So, what junk food do you eat?

Why havent you evern been in your attic?

Tam said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog....Rox was my number one choice for the blogger award for tons of reason...We lived with in walking distance until a year ago. We met at a Walmart...of all places...and when she moved after almost a year she talked me in to doing the blog to keep up. We have Scrapbooked together, Cried together and she has held my hand during part of my birth...so the list was really really long while she should have that...not just for her blogging...lol lol