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Monday, February 04, 2008

I was tagged by the beautiful and talented ERIN

Here is a fun meme! Answer the questions below. Take your answers to google images then post the picture that answers your question. Make sure there is a picture for every answer. And to make this even more fun do NOT use any of your pictures to answer the questions.Find them all at google and then tag your friends to do the same!

1) A place you would like to travel:

2)Favorite Food:
3) Favorite Dessert:
4)Your Name:
5)Favorite Animal:
6) Your Pet's names: Nellie OlsenOreos
7)Favoite Singer/Band: This one was HARD for me.. I love so many!!

Steven Curtis Chapman
8) Town you live in:
9)Current Job:
10)Favorite Author:
11) Favorite Color:
12) A bad Habit:Napping!!
13) Favorite Objects:
14) A favorite Celebrity: David Beckham
15) Favorite Song:


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Erin said...

yay! I was so excited to see your answers. I love Lori Wick too!!

Tam said...

that sounds cool but how long did it take YOU. I will try to find time..lol

Susanne said...

This was fun and yours had a few more questions than mine did when I did it. The napping picture made me laugh.

Lara said...

This is really fun! I think I'm going to do it because I've been seriously lacking in blog material lately, LOL! Thanks for sharing!

The Foxes said...

This is really cute!


Mere said...

I LOVE LONDON!! If you go I will fit in a suitcase...It's my favorite place!! I've missed ya girl! Love ya

jayedee said...

tag! you're IT again! lol

Georgia4God said...

wow! that's a fun meme.. seems like a lot of work though.. trying to find all the pics! hehe