Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's late at night... and I'm truly tired but I'm not winding down... ever have those nights?? tonight is my night .. so I decided I would hop on her and show you what I've been up to these past couple of days....

I decided... at the spur of the moment I was going to make my OWN cadbury cream eggs.. LOL LOL... I must have been crazy because it is literally a 7 hours process.. if NOT more!! So I thought I would share my pictures of my creation... Please note.. they are not egg shaped.. but more flat on one side and egg shaped on the other... Oh well.... Here's a sneak peak!! Click here for Recipe

Yesterday .. I had a day full of appointments and I really didn't plan out my baking very well and I started making herbed hamburger rolls... The dough rose once.. and because of timing I had to let it rise again.. shape them.. and then rise AGAIN!! I thought they might not work... but I was wrong... they came out so nice... this particular one came out looking like a heart!! We ate them up tonight with our hamburgers and Havarti and dill cheese... YUM!!!

I found this cute cute Valentines Day Card in Paper Crafts 2006... it is a Heidi Swapp Design.. the instructions were VERY VAGUE.. so I had to dive in and figure out all the items.. I made my own hearts on this card and my own YOU title... The colors are a bit different too.. but the whole concept is hers.. I just altered it!! I mailed these out to a couple of friends and my nieces and nephews..!!
What I'm reading!! Hubby and I are NOT in financial trouble... we barely have debt... I wanted to read this book to actually gain more knowledge about money.. how to invest... save more.. I love his quote.. LOVE IT!! "Don't even consider keeping up with the Joneses"... "They're Broke"... And in this book it states that 90%.. YES 90% of American's buy stuff they CAN NOT AFFORD!! Now don't get me wrong.. I'm not sitting in a castle with servants... we're your average Joe's... and there have been many times I do get depressed with what other's have.. fancier homes.. nicer vehicles.. even nicer clothes... but deep down... I know that I am BLESSED.. I know that my kids are happy.. and probably because of my frugalness... they do pretty well with their own money!! Kids learn from their parents... I don't want them to learn.. life is about credit.. I want them to learn.. if you have the cash.. then you can do it!! Owe NO man anything!!!


Little Wing said...

Girl, you rock!
Anyone who has the patience to spend seven hours making cadbury cream eggs is on my awesome list!!!
The valentines are adorable!!!!!!!!
You are also right about the way you view money, do you have ANY flaws???????

Cris said...

Seven hours for cadbury eggs!!! I admire your patience because I probably would have given up after no more than two. LOL LOL. You definitely ROCK in my book chick!

I love the cards too, they are adorable. :)

Erin said...

wow those eggs look so scrumptous!! and you are so talented ..those valentines! I am going to try both things and those rolls ..well I will try one at a time..we too have got barely no debt luckily..but will check out that book..love your blog..keep in touch..I am making annies what fun..I love the beach do you love that too?

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Terri.... I am so not worthy!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! You made rolls, homemade candy, scrapped valentines and read a book all in one week? WOW! I can barely get a shower and brush my teeth some days...I do good to make dinner (which in most cases includes something that has been made from a box! :o )

On a serious note, we've been reading Dave Ramsey, too. We are trying to change our lives. We are "those people" who are in financial trouble. You see....my husband and I grew up in families in which we were spoiled and given whatever we wanted..and we never learned the basic financial lessons that these things must be earned. So, when we first got married...we thought we "deserved" everything we wanted right now. (after all...that's what we knew....) So, we got credit cards because that's what we thought "everyone" did and we bought anything we wanted. Well, that got us in trouble that we've never been able to dig out of. Add 4 kids and being out of work for 10 months 4 years ago....and we have serious debt. It would be so easy to just file bankruptcy and walk away, but we are responsible for how it started and we are committed to try to dig out. It's hard and it's scary. It's the number 1 reason I can't sleep at night. I hate it. (but trust me, when you are laid off from your job and a credit card pays your mortgage, your car payments, all household bill and food for 5 people, for 10 months...it's bad. It just adds up and multiplies until it's to the point that you are scared to add up exactly what you owe.) Honestly, there are times when I see no way out. It's awful.

But, with DRamsey, I feel like we are at least educating ourself and making positive changes. Just this month I managed to pay an extra $600 to a credit card.

But, it's a long, hard habit to break. (as you will see on my blog...) But, we are taking steps in the right direction and for that, I am happy....

Baby steps...Baby steps....

(ps...I agree w/ little wing...do you have ANY flaws?!?!?!) :)

Donna said...

Look so yummy.

You are always doing such fun stuff.
Can't wait till my kids are older, i will be doing the same!

The Foxes said...

I'm going to call you
Martha Stewart--Flip Flop Mom!!
How do you do it??

I'm impressed. Especially since Cadbury Eggs ARE MY FAVORITE seasonal candy!!! YUMMY!!!

I hope you have had a great weekend!

Jennifer =-)

Doushura said...
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Janine Wahl said...

7 hours making cream eggs? You are a better woman than I. hee hee
Really love the cards you did a wonderful job on them.

Real World Martha said...
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Real World Martha said...

I have this book and we have very little debt as well (consumer). I am with you...debt is bondage. The more you owe the more you take away your own freedom.

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

Real World Martha said...

I have this book and we have very little debt as well (consumer). I am with you...debt is bondage. The more you owe the more you take away your own freedom.

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

Joanna said...

Wow you are a glutton for punishment - 7 hours? lol! But they look really good! How did they taste?! Growing up in NZ Cadbury Creme Eggs were everywhere - there is a Cadbury Factory there. We also would have Cadury marshmellow eggs for Easter - covered in chocolate with white marshmellow inside and a bit of yellow marshmellow in the middle for the yolk. Sooooo good! Sometimes we would make our own - you just make some marshmellow and spoon it into molds which we made from putting flour onto big trays and using the back of a spoon to make an egg shape in the flour! Then you can dip them in chocolate and use a dab of chocolate to stick 2 halfs together. Now since you spent 7 hours on the Cadbury type ones, the marshmellow ones would be a breeze!!

Thanks for all your comments on my blog - so great to see you're back in action!!

Melissa said...

Dave Ramsey makes a lot of sense. We went to see him live in October of last year and have been on a budget and working on the baby steps ever since.
It's not easy, but I really want to change our family tree. I am right there with you, cheering you on!

jayedee said...

your "got snark?" award is up on my blog girlie! enjoy it and bestow it to whomever you wish!

love ya!

Lara said...

wow! I love cadbury eggs, but doubt I have the patience to do that, even though every ingredient is in my pantry, LOL!

I love Dave Ramsey. Joel and I are trying to get ourselves out from under the student loan debt. I love his principles. Just working on the baby steps, but I'm happy to say we haven't used a credit card in a long time! It feels good!

Tam said...

Love Cadbury eggs! Great post and everyone is talking about D Ramsey...I will have to check that out!!!!

i_am_4given said...

You go girl!!! Making those cadbury eggs!! The real question is, were they good?? That's the only thing that matters!!!

I love that statement, "Don't try to keep up with the Jones, because they are broke"!!!...How true!!


Miss French Jessica said...

The eggs look awesome. I have no idea how you had the patience for 7ish hours of it, though! ;) I'm impressed!

Dave Ramsey ROCKS! We've been doing the Total Money Makeover for about a year and if you're disciplined, you will do well with it. Dave's approach is common sense...it's what my parents did. Somewhere along the line, I believed the hype about credit and keeping up with the Jones's and then had surprise blessing of twins and well...you can just guess what happened. Paycheck to paycheck was our lifestyle. Now, we tell our money where to go instead of our money telling us. Enjoy your financial journey! :D

Tanya said...

So were the cadbury's as good as the originals? Those are my favorite Easter candies!

Cassie said...

We are going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University...I love to see other bloggers that are doing the it the Dave Ramsey way...This class is awesome, and I have learned so much from it already!!! love the cadury eggs, btw...my fav easter candy