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Monday, March 10, 2008

My house is a MESS and I'm pulling my HAIR out!! I hate messes.. really HATE messes.. yet.. this mess is for a REALLY good purpose! We have decided ( well I) that it was time to take the original wallpaper off of our front entry way and up the hallway stairs. I thought because the paper was old.. really OLD... Like 1914 old it would pop right off... umm WRONG! Here's a before picture.. and a during picture.

Here is our lovely assistant.. my daughter.. doesn't she looked super thrilled?? She did this all day and then headed out to her job!!
Here is what it looks like after.. the walls are HORRID.. they are cracked and just old looking so we skim coated half off the walls today.. I have to tell you.. that's a LOT Of work!!
But here's a sneak peek at some of the features in my home.. please ignore the dirt.. You know.. tearing off wall paper is like taking a dead Christmas Tree out the door... you keep finding needles for weeks after. There is wallpaper ALL through my home.. I feel like I vacuumed all day long and it looks like NOTHING has been touched! I guess that having neighbor boys tear through your home doesn't help either....This is the stained glass window that sits at the top of my stairway. See the house through the window? It's for sale.. Wanna be my neighbor? We sit higher up then they do, but they have a cute little yard!

And here is the future linen closet.. I know.. doesn't look like much now.. but I can't wait to actually have something to put my towels and bath products in. When this house was built so many years ago.. people didn't bath like we do now. Most people probably had one towel per/person that they used til wash day.. so why bother having a closet.. right? One bar of soap probably sat in the bathtub... so what was the worth of a linen closet?? Probably nothing to them.

Here's another stained glass window.. it's a smaller portion of a HUGE window.. I blocked it with my craft shelf.. hmm kind of wonder if I should move it out of the way.. I AM blocking it's beauty!!

And here is an original light fixture to the house.. hubby wants to replace it.. I don't.. I LOVE it... we've replaced just about every other light.. but this one has character that I REALLY love! What do you think? It's also hanging from tin ceilings....

this isn't original to my home.. but I had to share ( we had to move it to take the wallpaper off).. It's a old cabinet from a church here in town that was built in the 1700's. The Cabinet says Parish Library.. I'm assuming it held the library's books. It now holds my canned goods.. It's a great eye level cabinet. The age of the cabinet I'm not sure.. but it's well built and REAL wood.. so I'd have to say at least in the 1800's if not early 1900's.. They were just going to throw this away!! I think it was a lucky find!

On a side note STILL NO WASHING MACHINE!!! I'll leave that story for tomorrow.. Still on the same book as I've had NO reading time this weekend... boo hoo!! HOPEFULLY tonight!! My book IS getting better... but I've been so tired.. who has time!!


Erin said...

that looks like a lot of work! good luck! you can do it!

Donna said...

So much character in your home. I love it!!

I would keep the light fixture too.

Your entryway will look beautiful when you are done.

Hurry up washer=(

i_am_4given said...

Oh, Terri..your house is beautiful!!! And I am with you on the light...I really love that light!!

I know once that linen closet is done, it will be filled before the paint is dry...hehe


Lara said...

Wow! You have been working hard!

I love the light fixture, but even more, I love the tin ceilings. I have always had a thing for those. :)

Tanja said...

I love your house! Keep the light fixture. I'm with you on that. This reminds me so much of the first house hubby and I bought in AR 11 years ago. It was 70 or 80 years old and had the best character. Why don't they make them like that anymore? Oh, wait, they do... but they're way out of our price range!

Ileana said...

I helped my syster do this in her house. It's a lot of work, but of course the end product is so worth it. Good luck!

Tam said...

Love the pictures! How old is your house?

We moved in May to a new house and well it has no character..it is boring and frankly I am so not in love with the house. My hubs loves it but we had a hard time finding something in the school district that we needed to stay in. Here it is all NEW construction...but our downtown area is wonderful old places that we for one could not afford, two it is not all that safe downtown, and three the schools...are way bad and four we are alone lots so we moved to what is a safer place. So what do I get a house that is just like every other house on the street. LOL O well at least I got corian counter tops. One of the things on my list that I wanted (in our price range)..because you know I love the granite (out of price range). lol OK what a way long post but I was having way to much.

So yes I love the look of your house! Everything OLD is always New again sometime!!!!!

jayedee said...

wow! what a house! and it looks better in disarray than mine does on a normal day! lol

Cris said...

I LOVE the stained glass windows and I really like the light fixture too!

It certainly looks like a lot of work, but I bet it will all feel worth it once it's finally finished. :)

Little Wing said...

You are now my hero!
What a job to take on!
I LOVE the stained glass!

Jennifer said...

Hi there!!

Looks like you are a busy little bee my blogger friend!!

I HATE to strip off wallpaper!!! UGH!

Good luck with all your projects.

I haven't heard from you in a while!! Where have you been???

Kerry McKibbins said...

Your house looks so cool! As for the light fixture. Take a look at Restoration. They may have something you and your hubby can agree upon. My folks have a very old Victorian and they redid everything, but kept the flavor, ie: push button light fixtures, moldings. Looks so great. Love that look!