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Friday, March 21, 2008

This is a picture of my friend Jon ( right) and his cousin Andy. Both of these good looking young men are natives of NH... Jon is embarking on an adventure here soon.. Can you believe he is going to HIKE from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian trail ALL for a Good Cause... Our Local Home away from Home called David's House. It is a comparison as to what many know as a Ronald McDonald's house. About 9 years ago our family was faced with a situation that was unknown to us concerning my son. After 9 days stay in our hospital our son came home. Unfortunately MANY children that we met and talked with never had the chance. For those parents who came miles, states, countries away had a safe haven called David's House. It's a non profit organization that rely's solely on donations. I'm going to add a widget on the side of my blog... if you have an extra few pennies... I know that they would love to have the support... I would NEVER EVER EVER solicit anything that I never knew about.... and I have to tell you hands down.. this is an AWESOME Cause!! So if you're looking to donate this month.. or next.. PLEASE think of them!!

I have something to show you... I found this on the Martha Stewart Web-Site.. gosh a few months back and thought it was the neatest thing! However I didn't have many extra T-shirts laying around.. UNTIL I went to our thrift store and found this!
Which I turned into this.. You'll see why this shirt was PERFECT!Are you tired of the GAZILLION plastic bags that hold nothing that you get from either Wal*Mart or the grocery stores!! Well, I'm on a mission to make a few of these to carry my goods in! Here's a look INTO the bag..
Wanna Make your own.. here's the link to the video to make your own.... all you need is a sewing machine and a GREAT pair of scissors!! It's SUPER EASY!! I promise!!

Martha Stewart T-Shirt Bag
<-------- Click the Link


Pearl Maple said...

Good luck to the boys, fantastic hike to be planning with a great cause behind it.

Visiting your blog space for a little taste of New England does make my day.

The book review is quite interesting, thanks for the tip off.

Lynn said...

Wow.. that is some hike they are going on and for a good cause.

I just love that t-shirt bag! It is perfect. I'm going to attempt to do one for myself.
Thanks for sharing.

Wendy said...

That is quite the hike, but what a great reason to be doing it:) I know MANY MANY people who have stayed at David's house!! I love your t-shirt bag...very creative! Michael has many many ugly shirts that I could use;) Shhh....just don't tell him.

Sarah C. said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! I can see why you would love Mark Schultz's music. I'm still humming away. :) Just bummed I didn't think to take my camera - my table was just one away from him!

The t-shirt bag is so cool! I might have to try it. DH & I bought 4 cloth bags from our grocery store (Harris Teeter) for 99c each. Love them & feel so "hip" carrying my bags in for shopping. ;) LOL I might try the t-shirt idea for smaller trips. tfs!

And, best of luck to your friend on his hike & money raising. Sounds like an incredibly worthy cause. :)

Raquel said...

Thanks for the link for the bags. That is so great! I can't wait to make one.

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Love that! Heinz had always been "special" to me...I am faithful in buying Heinz products in honor of my Grandpap who worked at the Heinz factory in Pittsburgh Pa. ....If I saw that shirt I wudda bought it!
You are so crafty!

JoDee said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

I really love the t-shirt bag you made--and that shirt is more than perfect!! What a great find!

I noticed you like to read a lot of Beverly Lewis' books--I just read my first one not long ago, called "The Shunning," and was rather impressed! She's a great author!