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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Sir's", he said, "please don't go any further. Stop awhile and rest here in the shade of this tree while I get water to refresh your feet,and a bite to eat to strengthen you. Do stay awhile before continuing your journey" -- Genesis 18:3-5

I'm struggling with the food increases... no.. not to the point I can't feed my family.. but in the idea that they are increasing because of the greediness of oil prices. It infuriates me to no end. I'm frugal to begin with. As I've described here many times before.. I bake.. I cook from scratch.. and we are NOT the McDonald's kind of family. I have to be honest.. and I've said this before.. I don't enjoy eating out. I just don't. I'm not a big shopper. Where I grew up there were MALLS GALORE and shopping GALORE.. every store you could imagine. When I first moved to my area there was NOTHING.. Wal*Mart didn't exist and the recession was on. At first I missed home.. SEVERELY! But as time went on... I have no regrets not going back. NONE! Now when I do go down to Southern NH I see it as a treat to go to a few stores that I enjoy, But nothing more. I'm sorry .. I just don't get excited to go clothes shopping... or shoe shopping.. or.. even purse shopping. NOW.. throw me in a thrift store.. or a yardsale.. and I am SUPER excited.. because I love getting something I LOVE for a mere bargain!

Well.. I'm more on a mission for food prices.. I made myself a handy dandy notebook...and no.. it doesn't look like this..
But it works for me. It holds all my coupons.. ALL that I WILL use... and not ones that have maybe's in it. I also keep the weeks flyers in with it as well. Last week I went shopping at two stores and with coupons I saved a total of $25! I didn't think that was bad for a good start... I love coupons that read...
or just have a variety to paw through and keep. I'm thankful for my friends who throw them at me... some think I'm crazy.. and other want me to shop for them.. LOL LOL.. Hey.. just last week at our local Wal*mart I got 4 bottles of palmolive for $2.00.. I didn't think that was bad at all!!

Now where I live I have no room for chickens.. but I have a friend that does! So.. I put my name in over at Jaydee's blog. For a spring give away she is giving a GC to her favorite hatchery Ideal Poultry
If you are interested hop on over and put your name in the POT as well... I never knew there was such a thing as New Hampshire reds!! And one named Plymouth Rock.. hmmm.. interesting!! Anyway, with today's increasing prices.. it would be nice to run out and get your own eggs.. and not have to worry about what the price will be next time you need them.

So on my frugal journey I have visited many web-sites, checked out many freebie samples to get in the mail.. and I found this site.. HAVE A HOUSE PARTY .. you sign up.. fill out a few easy questions and pick the party you would like to host.. NO.. it's not like a tupperware party/Pampered Chef party.. you buy NOTHING.. the company sends you FREE samples to try with you and family and friends.. I signed up for the Hershey Party!! From my understanding you don't know you got chosen until the box arrives on your doorstep. I thought this would be cool.. and WHY NOT??

Ok.. now on to a COOLER thing... GUESS WHAT?? MY washing machine came in!! WOO HOO!!!
Here it is... the first picture I took.. well.. I would have posted but if my son ever saw it.. he would have DIED.. his whitey tighties were showing.. and well.. we couldn't have that!! So here is a different look at his clothes being washed! You can put some SERIOUS laundry in there!


Wendy said...

Thank you for all the coupons you sent me:) I used most of them already!!

Tam said...

O yeah see that new washing machine in action!!!!

I am terrible about coupon shopping. I really need to do better!!! I agree that food should not be getting so expensive but it seems everything is! Our goverment is sending these checks but is this going to fix anything? No I think not!