Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Monday, April 21, 2008

I tilled our garden yesterday... WHAT A CHORE... we began in a spot where there has never been a garden.. we tilled.. and tilled.. and dug rocks out.. and for a moment there was a HUGE plastic bag buried in the underground... I decided that I was NOT going to be the one to bring it to the top of the surface for fear.. there might be a body in it.... seriously!!! So.. now we wait.. and keep playing with the soil and keep pulling rocks out!!

This past weekend I put a little gift together for my friend Beth.. her hubby brought me 18 loaves of FREE bread from his place of work.. they were going to throw them away because they were labeled WRONG.. imagine!! UGH.. so I wanted to say THANK YOU to them for thinking of us!! So I made Lemon Bars!!
I got the recipe from HERE and I have to tell you.. these were NOT the best ones I had ever made.. they were good... but I do have a better recipe somewhere lying around.. I was to lazy to find it.. so I cheated and jumped on the internet to save time...

This is what I put together to give her... It's so easy and FRUGAL too... I used an old Clementine box.. painted it with pink..a reusable GLASS bottle ( I hate plastic).. that I made my own label for.. a BAG of chocolate.. why not??.. and some fresh cut flowers... Super easy to make and only cost me few $$

Here are a couple of the things I made up with the Hershey Bliss Chocolates... I decided that I really need *coughcough* a cute cupcake holder!! LOL LOL!!

What I just finished reading!!
This book was an easy read for me.. I read it in about a day... It basically tells us no matter how "good" our lives look.. there's always a need for GOD... sometimes being a Christian we forget that our lives can make a change in a heartbeat..and in order to deal with that.. we have to fully rely on God... it's was a GREAT reminder!!


Krystyn said...

You were super busy this weekend!

That book sounds like it is really good. I might need to check the library (I'm so cheap)! I need that reminder ALL the time!

Erin said...

Oh, how I love cupcakes!

and tilling...? That does not sound fun.

Tam said...

The Victory Garden will be worth all the tilling!!!!

OK so the cupcakes...look so great! YUMMY.

I saved 65.00 at the grocery store with coupons! It took me forever and well I am not sure I can do that often but will try again...esp with gas as high as it is I had to figure some way to compensate! My hubs was impressed with the coupons! I need to take pic of receipt and post it!!

Heather said...

My husband is in charge of the garden and he just turns it over with a shovel. He'd like a tiller but is too cheap to rent one let alone buy one! I wouldn't have dug up the bag either! For the same reason. Love what you created for your friend!

Cris said...

That was really nice of them to give you all of that bread and those cupcakes look really yummy!

Jay and I have to get started on tilling ourselves. Not really looking forward to it. :P

Donna said...

So creative you are!!!

Keep it up, I need some inspiration=)

Tam said...

Just stopped by to say that I hope you have a good day today!!!

Jennifer said...

How sweet of you to make those for your friend!

Crossroads Cottage said...

Lemon bars yum! Ever since I got my most recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens (with lemon/lime bars on the cover) I've been craving them. Not this entry has made me want them worse!

By the way, love your blog name! I too love my flip flops! :)

Kaye said...

That's a lot of bread! I wish someone would bring me free bread. LOL!!

The lemon bars and cupcakes look yummy.