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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've spent about two hours this morning reading blogs.. mainly of people I have never read before... Ever done that? And then posted on every single one of them.. to maybe have 1 or 2 people come and check you out...?? I feel that every blog I read deserves a comment of some sort.. As a blogger you truly take time out and share your thoughts.. it kind of reminds me of the journals that you had to keep daily for school.... and that one teacher that ALWAYS commented every post... made me wonder if he actually sat and read ALL of them.. or if he skimmed??? LOL LOL...

Today I'm going to share some of my food cost strategies... I'm sorry if it bores you... :( But I hope it helps some too..! Where I live there are no local CVS or Walgreens unless you drive a half hour away...We do NOT have double your coupon grocery stores... or stores that do BOGO... it's your basic Wal*Mart, which I'm finding are more expensive than our local Market Basket.. and then we have Hannafords! Well.. Hannafords is NICE if you can afford their produce and meats ( which tend to run almost .50cents more than Market Baskets)... Over the line into VT we have a food discount store... This is a hit or miss kind of store.... some of the things can be damaged... or outdated.. so you REALLY have to look.. and you also have to be price "smart".. because sometimes with TAX these items can be more than if I got them locally...

So my trip this past week looked like this..

This is where I get our snacks.. and soups.. and tissues.. and what ever bargains I can find.. no fresh produce or freezer fridge items..

What I spent for ALL of this... $23.00 with tax.. and see the two progresso soups in the middle.. I bought those for my elderly neighbor across the street.. it's her favorite soup.. so I combined some stuff I got for free in couponing and the bread I got free last week and brought it over to her.. she was TICKLED!!

What I paid for it.. and what it cost in the stores..
I am pretty much "guesstimating" what you would pay in the stores for these.. remember I live in New England.. so prices my vary from where you live... What I paid will come first and then store price.

4 Kraft Salad Dressings ( sorry Jayedee)
.25 cents each =$1.00
King Arthur bread flour 5lb bag
Crystal Light
.99 cents
2 boxes tissues
.50cents each=$1.00
4 Marie Calendar Corn bread mix 1lb bags
.59 cents each=$2.36
This one I'm not sure of.. hubby thinks $2.99/bag
2 Progresso soups
.99cents each=$1.98
4 cans of crushed tomatoes 1-12ounce can
.25cents each=$1.00
.89 cents each=$ 3.56
15 pouches of Kool-Aid
2 boxes of twizzlers snack
$1.19 each=$2.38
$1.99 each=$3.98
Store brand cookies
.79 each
.99 each
Store brand wafer cookies
.59 each
.99 each
Betty Crocker Cookie Brownie mix
.39 cents
.59 cents
4 cans of Tuna Fish
.59 cents each =$2.39
Sipah Straws ( these were NEW to me)
$1.99 guess!
Blueberry box mix has THREE boxes worth in side
3 boxes at store @$2.69=$8.07
Total Food Store: My Cost $23.23
If shopped at Regular Store:$58.01
Total Savings:$34.78

I also saved using coupons at Market Basket this week.. 3 boxes of Crest toothpaste for $1.50 total and two new Oral B tooth brushes for $1.00 total!!
At Rite Aid
2 boxes of Cereal for $2.00 each
3 Body Washes for $1.50 each
Chex Mix Bags BOGO using coupon

Who knows.. with saving that much.. maybe I can buy this in August when it comes out for MY mixer!!


Susanne said...

That is amazing! I don't think I've ever pulled off deals like that!

I so want one of those attachments too and went to order one a few weeks ago, but they don't ship to Canada yet. :v(

Lara said...

You did good! Congratulations!

What is that attachment exactly? I have only used my Kitchen Aid once (of course, my husband uses it pretty regularly) and I'm pretty clueless, LOL!

jayedee said...

shame on you for the krafted salad dressing!
but the rest of it is spot on girlie!
ya done good!

take a look:

Anonymous said...

I agree that we should leave comments on posts too!
BTW...I'm such a flip flop mom. :o)

Erin said...

oh wouldn't it be glorious to have a mixer like that...

cajunquilter said...

hmm i will have to check out that attachment! i love my kitchen aid! woohooo on your savings.

shhh don't tell jayedee, i use kraft too.

Tam said...

I SO NEED TO TAKE TIPS FROM YOU. I always leave comments on the blogs I visit...I am like the radio...I never stop talking. In fact my granddads nickname was radio..so just call me little FM. lol Anyway love all that great savings I wish I could do it but I have a kid that cries all the time that I can not even get through the store let alone look for the items I need with coupons. lol lol lol Congrats again and hey love your blog and beleive me it is not boring!

OneHappyfamily said...

You are the girl! Do you all have Coupon Sense there in your parts? Check this out. I used to do it and I would have 10 Sunday papers delivered to my house. That means 10 of every coupon and our stores double and sometimes triple coupon. I would spend about 200.00a month for a family of four! I qiut because it was too much processed foods and we liked them too much, if you know what I mean! Take care. I too love my Kitchen Aid!

Tam said...

Thank YOU for the Aniversary wish!
Yeah it is 5 yrs and he has not been home for any of them..lol

Second...beleive me I did not eat any of his pizza. lol HE can not have milk products...he has food allergies...I let him enjoy the cheese less pizza....

Paula Dean....hmm yes It is the only reason some of my family game down to visit us...so they could eat at her place! Savannah GA is where I technically reside...yes I paid 25 dollars for fried chicken and HOE Cakes at her place. She was not there however. She is the big thing here of course. MY mom loves watching her show and all my friends want to go to Paula's Party. I however love Ina Garten, Giadia, Mike Chirarelli, they are more my flavor. Paul just does not really do it for me. Maybe ever since I ate her place. It was not really good food. If you ever come to Savannah...yeah go to Lady and Sons but then let me show you the good places to eat downtown! I did not get this plump figure for nothing!!!!!! lol

Frugal Finds said...

I love your blog!! I so glad we found each other!!
I love shoppign at the discount grocery too. You never know what good things you will find! It is like a mommy treasure hunt!!
What in the world is the mixer attatchment you diplayed used for? Is it for kitchen aid? I need to know more!!
Frugal Carol

Melissa said...

So, I want to hear if your kids (or you for that matter) liked the Sippah straws. My kids thought they were totally nasty, and I think I have to agree. Ick. The concept is great, but the flavor we didn't like.
I have never seen that attachment before, I will definitely have to check it out. I use my mixer daily.

Sue said...

Hello Flip-Flop Mom,

I couldn't sign in under my wordpress ID, so I signed in under my blogger ID. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking the time to comment on my Super Mom No Cape blog. And most especially for commenting on the Pay It Forward post as well. Once I've finished the handmade surprize for you, I'll come back here and we can make arrangements for me to mail it to you.

Thanks again.
Susan (aka Super Mom)

Krystyn said...

Looks like you did really well.

And since you happened to post about people you never read before...here I am. I've never read your blog! I like that your life and everything you do is so God centered.

Happy commenting.

Cara said...

I have no idea how I found my way here.. but I love your blog! I'm doing just as you said.. sitting reading blogs I've never been to before.. I feel the same way.. if I stop by, I like to leave a little note..
And.. I think I need to investigate that attachment.. Thanks!!!