Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Friday, April 13, 2007

I was tagged by Curl Girl today.. so I must tell you 10 different things about me that you might not know!!... hmmm let's see...

1) I won't drink out of a gallon of milk unless I am the first to open it.

2) I refuse to drink out of plastic cups

3) I know every word to just about ever commercial I heard growing up... two all beef patties special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles on a a sesame bun....

4) I learned spanish in the room that Robert Frost taught English many years ago.

5) I pick everything up with my toes.

6) I've never been to the west coast.

7) I wear flipflops in the snow.

8) I can come up with a song for anything in split seconds, and sing it.

9) I've been a mother for 16 years and I'm 34.

10) I could give Martha Stewart a run for her money $$$$

So when I get back from my little trip to NY.. I'm gonna tag some of ya.. I wanna see what your "secrets" are.. LOL LOL LOL!!

My Cool Blog of the day.. well I wouldn't say cool as much as eye opening.. here I spend days worrying about little things... when there are more important things out there... I challenge you to post an uplifting comment to a much needed blogger today... http://ependyparent.blogspot.com/ Psalm 94:18 "Your love, O Lord, supported me"


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Funny about the commercials...I was just telling my 10 year old about "Where's the BEEF?!" but he didn't "get it."

Do you REALLY wear flip flops in the snow? Like, just out to get the mail, or like to the grocery store w/ snow on the ground??

Just my ponderings about your list....

Have a great weekend! (dh's boss should be here any moment....)

Roxann :-)

cajunquilter said...

have fun in NY !!! I knew the flip flop thing about you roflol. You gonna freeze those tooties off girl.

Lara said...

I totally pick everything up with my toes. DH thinks I'm so strange.

And I've had the Honeycomb jingle from my childhood in my mind for a couple weeks now...due to getting some on sale. :) I was pretty amazed at how well I actually remember it.

Kerry said...

You are so funny!!
Where in NY will you be??

Happywife84 said...

Hooray re NY! Have fun! What's the occasion?

I loved all the things you listed! I love commercails! My brother had an assignment when I was little ( we're 10 yrs apart in age) so for 2 weeks I watched commercials for him & told him about it when he got home from school! lol He got an A on the assingment!

I checked out the website you sent!! Amazing! It looks like noone has ever posted to them! That is so sad! I didnt post since I wasnt sure what to say!

Cris said...

Hope you have a great time in NY!

Jill said...

The song one for me too (very useful when teaching preschool) & picking things up w/my toes...

Seems like you could avoid the milk thing by opening them as soon as you get them home?????

Ctelblog said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. It's a tough thing having a kid who's unlikely to make it to 5 years old, let alone be an adult. I am grateful for your kind thoughts.

Shannon said...

I need to keep up with this blog huh? :-) I didn't realize you were so active with it, I love it when people write in their blogs! :-) Talk about cute blog!

Love it, thanks for sharing!

Mere said...

I would die if I wore flip flops in the snow....lol. :) You are sooooo funny!!! I LOVE your facts!!