Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught" Isaiah 50:4 this quote is telling me that I have to be responsive to God...Today I believe I have been.. although I wouldn't call it a negative day I have learned a few things today...
1) God is a jokester.. because here it is April 4, 2007 and it's SNOWING in my yard!
2) Never get in the way of a business owner and webkinz.. NEVER EVER call them glorified Beanie Babies... and NEVER EVER act like you don't know what they do... cause shame on you if you don't agree with the intelligence of the stuffed animal.
3) Never stress about money.. it gives you a headache!
4) Be honest in everything you say and do and be the best friend you can be!!
I journeyed out today for my boss to see if I could find a Webkinz for his special needs child.. she has a certain "syndrome" and I could tell in his deep daddy voice that he didn't want to go home to disappoint his little sweetness. Unfortunately I tried but was unsuccessful in finding a Dalmatian and because I wasn't EXCITED about the webkinz the store owner thought I was a lost cause....
Well instead of the webkinz I did walk out with a few yankee candle tarts... I NEEDED the smell of spring in my home... I have already packed up my hats, mittens and most of my scarves.. Why the JOKE God??? I guess I did my spring cleaning to early.. sighhhhhh!!! Well one of my dearest friends is from FLORIDA.. so I decided to give her a bit of spring and sunshine in her mailbox... I tucked in some of these cute tarts!!! She called me with in 10 minutes to send a BIG thank you.. nothing I was looking for.. but I knew the sun shined over there!! Ü
My Boss goes home tomorrow on a big airplane back to PA.. so I couldn't let him go home empty handed to his girls... I'm sure that he will get them gifts.. but I made up two little purses, with ponytail decorations, a cute Easter notepad and cute little stuffed animals that make noise... today I felt like giving!! and it was a good day! I love to give back like Christ did....I don't seek anything in return.. just love the smiles...Ü
http://www.annieshomepage.com/resurrectioncookies.html Here's a cute website for resurrection cookies with scripture.. I personally have never made these.. but maybe this year!!!


Dawn said...

Good thoughts! Thanks so much for stopping by today and giving me encouragement. I love having new visitors! Come back again any time.

patterns of ink said...

I just recently got acquainted with Webkinz at our school. Someone's getting rich on a new twist. HEY... I wanted to tell you that the "follow up posts" about why I don't drink are now on the top of my blog. (I plan to move them to the St. Pat's day slot in a few days.) Your thoughts and those of your readers are welcome.

Missy said...

You're right, the Lord is a jokester because it seems that every time my husband and I try to make plans they never fall through LOL. I finally learned my lesson on not to make plans anymore, though my dh has not learned that yet he still makes plans and they still do not follow through and he just get's so frustrated and all I can do is laugh. I also did early spring cleaning, put winter coats and hats away, I had to pull them back out the other day because it was just too cold and windy.

cajunquilter said...

You are such a sweet giving person!

And you have one of the best hearts of anyone I know.

Cris said...

Definitely some good thoughts and thanks for the reminder about the resurrection cookies. I can't wait to make them with the girls on Saturday!