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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today is a fluff post for me.. I'm still tired... and stuffy.. wahhh.. but.. I wanted to blog! So yesterday I was listening to my husband's sports radio while lounging on my outdoor swing. I even had the most current Issue of Creative Keepsakes in front of me but NO energy to read. While lounging I was listening to my husbands sports radio... The Dan Patrick show... on ESPN radio... ( any of you ladies out there that have hubby's that listen to that know the tune I just wrote) he was talking about YardSales of the "stars"... questioning what would be in their yardsales if they had one.
Now..listening to Dan he said he has begged his wife in the past to just throw his stuff away or give it away to Goodwill. He didn't want to see all hi stuff throw out in the front lawn and strange people digging through it. I thought this was pretty funny!
I love love love yardsales! I love finding treasures that make my house more of a home. I love the old stuff.. the older the better! I've have found Old raggedy ann's and andy's.. buttons...jars... and even an old fashioned clothing rack that I mounted to my kitchen wall one of my all time FAVORITE finds!
So here's a question for you... if someone was driving by YOUR yardsale TODAY.. what are the top 5 things you would be willing to throw in that yardsale? What top 5 things speak about you?
For me
1) Lots of fabric
2) Older tupperware
3) Clothes that just don't fit and if they did I would never wear them again
4)Foosball table
5)Books-- I read way to much
Here is a funny funny blog I found.. You have to check it out.. it's all about yardsales!!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

My top 5 for the yard sale:
1. Outgrown baby girl clothes and toddler boy clothes
2. household stuff....rugs, decor, candles, flower vases
3. books
4. furniture: bunk beds, nightstand, jewelry box
5. baby items...high chair, diaper bag, toddler bed, crib mattress

Cris said...

1. lots of baby stuff
2. toys that my girls no longer play with
3. movies
4. books
5. old clothes that no longer fit

Mere said...

1. old clothes I won't wear

2. some scrapping stuff that's ancient , that I don't use

3. fabric

4. old rugs

5. an old fish tank

Luv, Mere

Kerry said...

1 - little boy clothes
2 - videos
3 - kid's toys
4 - a stupid shelving unit I'd really like to get rid of
5 - a lot of my husband's stuff, lol.

patterns of ink said...

Hey, Flip Flop,
Great picture. My wife and I went to the beach on Lake Michigan last weekend and the "snow fences" (that's what we call those) were still up. There is something very attractive about them, but it's even better when the take them down and we can actually go swimming. I just wanted to encourage you to come back and participate in another discussion that began last week on "Why Bloggers Blog."

Trish D said...

I'm actually prepping for our neighborhood yard sale in three weeks. I just *know* I'll be raking in the big bucks (snort). Among the treasures offered:

1. Boys clothes up to 3T
2. Girls clothes up to 24M
3. Children's toys, books, and videos
4. Craft supplies
5. Misc dishes (that have been in our home over 10 years, and have only been used once or twice. Yep, it's time to pass them along!)