Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Day two of spring cleaning.. and I really felt like I haven't accomplished MUCH at all... I spent the morning scrubbing window sills and walls and washing curtains. I also dug through many dishes.. and I took the time to go on line to see if any would be worth anything before I just gave them away. I try to freecycle what I don't want. In my heart of hearts I believe it's a GREAT cause, but I also know that there are some seriously greedy people out there that respond to EVERY single offer I post. Just because something is worth money, doesn't mean it's worth something to me. There is a higher power in this daily life than money or as some say the "holy" dollar.
I would rather donate the items to charity that could get a bit more for the item.. then a stranger grabbing it and trying to re-sell for a profit.. as I know many do!! When I tried giving my sons match box cars away WOWZA.. there was a man that wanted to pounce on that and e-mailed me a few times. Ummm.. sorry they're gone.. he couldn't take no for an answer!! I guess it's one of the reasons I never post a NEED VS an OFFER... I'd rather give. Anyway I have this really pretty BLUE pitcher from what I can understand is valued at $135.. not bad for something I picked up at a second hand store.. however it's to pretty to give and makes a great flower pitcher so it's well loved and used.. that means more to me than the $
I bet we can look around our house and point out.. oh I paid this much for this.. and I got this for a great deal.. or I became addicted in this so I had to buy the whole LOT.. admit it... admit it.. You've done it!! I have.. and then have brought it home to realize.. hmmm 1) I have NO room for this 2) This was a TOTAL impulse buy 3) it's a DUST COLLECTOR.. Dust collectors should ONLY be reserved for children's gifts from the heart.... Anyway.. my pile of give away grew and grew and grew today.. I could take the time to set up and e-bay account.. yada yada.. yada.. but that's not me.. that involves WORK that would boggle my mind, make me "ugly", and lose family time.. with the amount of work and effort it just might not be worth it.. and again on the world wide web.. people can be ugly, cheat and lie.. who really has time for that?? NOT ME!! If you have done great by e-bay I'm REALLY happy for you.. but for this girl.. it wouldn't work...!!
Matthew 24 says "No one can serve two masters".. and further down he states "You cannot serve both God and Money" Funny how my bible capitalizes God AND Money... I can't explain why.. something maybe the Lord wants me to dig into deeper... When I first started out I wanted my home a castle.. and by that I wanted decorations, every nook and cranny filled with STUFF... it's taken me many years to realize that it's not STUFF that my house needs to be filled with.. but with Love and my Family!!!and God's presence... Don't get me wrong I still have melt downs and wonder why and still have questions.. but God is working something really GREAT in my life this spring.. and I honestly DO NOT know what it is.. but my heart is stirring with his Grace.. and it wants to spill over.. I just need to continue to declutter my home and the negatives in my heart... it will be a journey.. but one I'm willing to take!!!
So in honor of MORE spring I posted the picture of the Kraft Foods Magazine.. I haven't received mine yet.. but the BEST thing about these, they are FREE !! So if you DO NOT get this in the mail you can sign up and do just that.. for now you can visit their site.. they are giving some sneak peeks.. or you can opt to have it in your e-mail.. I don't know about you.. but I love my night time ritual of scrapbook magazines, cookbook magazines, and historical fiction books and as of late.. more devotions!! So go ahead and peek.. I dare you.. you will be addicted!! www.kraftfoods.com


Kerry said...

I ordered that mag - thanks..
I like yours, I'll be back :-)

Kerry said...

I like your BLOG, that's what I meant, lol.

Mere said...

What an AWESOME blog!! I especially like your analysis of Matthew 24!! How TERRIFIC ans PERFECT!! Really like your blog.......will be back!!


Cris said...

I agree, what a great post straight from the heart. :)

amcess721 said...

I LOVE the Kraft mag! This issue looks like it has a lot of tasty things in it... I'm going to try some this week, but haven't decided which ones yet. Then I'm sure I'll make some of those desserts for my sister's bridal shower in a few months :)

Yellow Fence said...

I love the Kraft Magazine. I usually end up making at least 1 receipe out of it every time it comes.