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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ok..don't laugh.. these are my feet... I love wearing flipflops..and the weather is so much warmer here ( high 50's) that I've dug out some of my favorite flipflops!! I've even worn them these past couple of days.. Some in the south would think I am crazy.. even some in the North say I am as well but I love them!! I went out yesterday and got different colored nail polishes.. all wacky colors and I can't wait to start painting my toes!
In Honor of spring coming I thought I would share a great rub for steaks on the grill!! We had steaks on the grill last night! YUM.. however I forgot about these great rubs that you can put on the steaks to make them taste great! Our steak tasted really bland and I was disappointed because I had marinated it as well :( So you don't make the same mistake as me, enjoy this recipe!!!
Savory Steak Rub Mix
1 T. dried marjoram
1 T. dried basil
2 T. garlic powder
2 T. dried tyme
1 T. dried rosemary
2 1/4 tsp. dried oregano
You can combine all these ingredients and stir well and either use them right away or put them in a 3"x4" ziplock bag and seal. This is GREAT for Beef. Just sprinkle and rub the mix to your taste preference on both sids of the beef before grilling!

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