Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today is Trash Day.. every Wednesday I scurry around like mad to get all the trash out that I can.. empty detergent bottles, bathroom trash, fridge items, boxes.. you name it I want it out of here.. So again as usualy I scurried around did just that... After that I went to take a shower to get clean to spring clean.. ironic huh?.. So I peeked out my front door on to my porch just to make sure all the animals were inside ( I have been known to forget them outside... GASP)... so it's become a habit..
This time however I noticed a box.. a BIG box.. and my first thought was "Why didn't I throw that away and how did I miss that?" I opened the door only to realize that the box was FULL and I mean FULL of a variety of breads!!! I was so EXCITED.. one of my friends stopped by and blessed me with BREAD!! You see, lately, to me , bread is WAY and I mean WAY overpriced.. and the better the bread the more money... I honestly need to sit down and play a day just to make our own bread like women did only years ago.. ( some still do and I applaud you) today's day and age women are so on the go that the thought of baking 6 loaves a bread a week is exhausting!!
So as you can imagine.. I had to take pictures to share... and the verse "A friend loveth at all times" Proverbs 17:17 came to me... it really touched my heart! I struggle with Christian friendships.. I find them to be more of a challenge than worldly people... My hubby and I were members of our church for about 7 years.. and each and every Sunday it was VERY hard for me to get up and go with a happy heart.. each Sunday I felt that we went and listened to the sermon and then came straight home... there was no fellowship, no warmth, really no happiness and it was hurtful. Don't get me wrong.. there were always the kind few that I loved seeing.. and actually cared what was going on... but out of about 200 people... the 10 that cared was hard!! After a long talk with God and a decision that was not easy to make I gave up my membership! And within HOURS of that my name was deleted from everything.. even the PRAYER CHAIN... so you see..I was treated as not worthy enough to even pray for or with or be asked for prayer by this church.. I see members now in stores that will walk right past you without so much as acknowledgement... and it's very sad.... However.. I know there is a place for me somewhere in this small tiny world.. and God will bring me to a new church home when HE is ready.. and not me... My heart aches right now and desires that... and I'm waiting right beside the door.. waiting for HIM to open it up!!!
So you see... Christian friends or not... a friend loveth at all times.. and as I'm growing older.. I'm realizing who my friends really are...those that give without expecting in return.. and those that I give to that never expect a return... One of my spiritual gifts is "giving".. so of course.. as soon as I saw that box of bread.. the wheels started turning... WHAT in the world can I surprise them with... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... I'll let you know what I came up with!! But for now.. it's back to spring cleaning.. even this late at night!!! Ü


Cris said...

That's a shame that they should treat you like that. Just because you no longer belong to "their" church doesn't stop you from being the same person they saw in the pew each Sunday morning.

My husband and I are having the same delima. The church we are currently going to just isn't giving us what we need to continue to grow in our Christian walk. I have been coming away lately feeling disatisfied. I don't feel like I am being fed. Any growth that I am getting are from my own search for resources. So we have decided that we are going to start church shopping and hope that we find a church that we would be excited to go to and leaves us energized and ready to face the world when we leave.

Tonya said...

I just happened to stumble upon your site. When I read your post I just about choked on my coffee!

The same thing happened to us when we left our church, and I was just thinking about it earlier this morning.

They treat you like you have a communicable disease. No one would return our calls and our children were no longer allowed to play together.

You’re right though, God will show you where he wants you.