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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

5 Things I am Grateful For

Sometimes life comes at you so fast you forget why you're here .. and what makes you tick as a person. Here's a sneak peak at the Love(s) of my life... My husband, My GORGEOUS daughter, My ever so HANDSOME son, and our Foreign Exchange Student Maria, who has taught us some life and parenting skills. Ü

Today.. I want to know what 5 things in your life you are grateful for.... and by doing so... if you tell me.. I have 6 of those HARD FINDING clear stamps from Michaels with ONE block ( sorry that's all they had)..Here is the description

1) girlfriends

2) let's party

3) For you

4) Party--you're invited


6) Sweet heart-I love you

Each stamp set has about 4-5 designs in each package.... Here's a picture I snagged from e-bay so you can get the idea of what they look like...

Ok.. here's the deal.. I'm going to tell you the 5 things I'm grateful for today!! I want YOU to tell ME the 5 things you are grateful for today as well... HOWEVER... I'm going to leave this open til Friday.. ever go to a blog daily but then MISS a day only to find out there was a contest?? and you MISSED It.. Kind of makes you sad huh? Well... I want ya to be happy and grateful!! So as of 8pm friday you have time to tell me what makes you happy TODAY!!!

Here's my Top 5

1) The sun is shining and I can work on my yard today!

2) My son gave me the sweetest kiss goodbye today

3) My husband is sleeping so that gives me a few extra minutes this morning to blog Ü

4) I have great friends who love me and on occasion spoil me

5)My MT. ST. Laundry is caught up!!

Ok.. your turn!!


Missy said...

Five things I'm greatful for:
1. Jesus dieing on the cross so that I may be forgiven
2. My wonderful family
3. My wonderful friends
4. The beautiful weather we're having
5. Hearing the words I love you mommy.

cajunquilter said...

hmmm, let's see

1. My Savior Jesus Christ
2. My sweet wonderful hubby who spoils me
3. My children and grandchildren
4. My friends in real life and on the internet
5. that my granddaughter is getting better daily!

how is that for what i am grateful for today and everyday?

Kay said...

My 5:
1. My momma! (And I'm not just saying that because she'll read this!!)
2. Having someone to love, who loves me back.
3. Spring
4. Good food.
5. My family and friends.

Lara said...

Five things I'm most grateful for TODAY:

1. My baby is finally healthy. No more red cheeks and stuffy nose, and most of all no crankiness.

2. It is a warm, beautiful day. I think I'll go for a walk.

3. Scrapbooking.

4. My faith.

5. Since mother's day is coming up, I've been thinking of how wonderful my mother is and all she does for me and my family. I'm very grateful for her.

Cris said...

LOL, I love your #5. Especially since I have Mt. forEVER-laundry over here. :P

OK, 5 things that I am grateful for...

1. My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who was willing to give His life for me so that I may live
2. A wonderful husband who has also got to be the most patient man on this Earth to still want to be married to me after 10 years. LOL
3. Three smart and beautiful girls who bring joy into my life
4. Great family and friends who are there for me when I need them
5. Warmer weather so the kids can spend more time outside burning off all that energy they stored up over the winter and giving me the opportunity to be able to gain back some of my sanity....I hope.

Miss French Jessica said...

Ahh, just posted on my blog! Thanks for the challenge! :)

Stephanie said...

1. My wonderful husband
2. My health... just had a breast biopsy and it came up clear!
3. Living in Colorado... I love it!!
4. My job... though I may be getting laid off soon, so see #2. :) In the meantime however I'm greatful for everyday I remain employed.
5. My parents and sisters. I grew up with great parents and have wonderful relationships with my sisters.

Susanne said...

You have a lovely family!

Five things I'm grateful for today:
1. My ladies bible study. It's been really good and such a great support!
2. My family
3. The home I have been blessed with. It's not huge or fancy, but it meets our needs wonderfully and I'm grateful for it.
4. The friends I have met through blogging.
5. My health

BTW, I tagged you for a meme on today's post.

PEA-CHES said...

1. Snuggling with my 3 "babies"
in bed this morning.

2. My new scrapbook room.

3. Being a part of the "RAK pack"
on 2peas.

4. A husband and children who love
me unconditionally.

5. My home.

PastorMac's Ann said...

I'm grateful for:
1. God's abundant grace shown to me through Jesus Christ.
2. My husband. I'm blessed to be married to my best friend.
3. My kids, including the two that have yet to arrive. (soon, very soon)
4. My church family - they.are.the.best.
5. A cool spring day like today, because I know in a couple of months the temperatures will be in the mid to high 90's.

Always good to count my blessings. Really puts everything into perspective! Thanks!

Mere said...

1. for all the amazing people God has blessed me with.

2. for the warm weather

3. Jusus Christ dieing on the cross for pur sins

4. my friends- they are the greatest.

5. each breath I take


Nicole said...

ok only 5 well here it goes:

1. My darling husband who has put up with me being sick for the past 4 weeks.
2. My Darling Daughter who is a big help by helping me around the house.
3. Waking up and having a roof over my head.
4. My good friend who I am able to chat with on the phone every day.
5. being able to see so that I can scrapbook every one of the best moments in my life

Bunnyfreak said...

1. God is ever faithful
2. My budgie has been singing alot lately.
3. My loving husband.
4. Great friends
5. Walks at lunchtime.

melissa :) said...

my top 5 for today:
1. unveiling a super-secret birthday surprise that i've been working on for weeks for my bff... she has no idea that 50 people have made her birthday cards and chipped in to buy her a zoom lens and camera bag - sha has NO family, aside from her dad who lives in a different state :(
2. DH surprised me with a blueberry iced coffee this morning
3. DS has been trying super hard to stay on track @ school through the end of the year, and he's doing such a great job!
4. Spring has *finally* sprung here in New England and I can enjoy the beautiful flowers in my garden!!
5. having a day off to scrap and snuggle my new puppy, Belle

AJ said...

The things that I am thankful for today...

1. The kids and I found my wedding band that DD lost by "helping" me.

2. That the kids are healthy little buggers. :D

3. That I have some amazing and supportive friends.

4. That I have an amazing and supportive husband... :D

5. That I have found scrapping as a creative outlet for myself!

Toby said...

Just five things huh? Well here are my TOP 5 things I am most grateful for:

1. I had 3 of the most wonderful, well adjusted kids. My sons are teenagers and very responsible and my daughter will be 21 and is well on her way to the career she wants.

2. After 2 miserable, failed marriages, I met a man who treats me like a queen. I have never been treated like that and I LOVE IT!

3. My Mom, who is still in the hospital, but is getting better each day.

4. I have a job that I love and don't mind going to when I need to go.

5. And most importantly, I am grateful for my faith in God and all that is good. Even when things are looking rough and unmanagable, I know it will all come out ok.

Thanks for letting me post!

amberley said...

1-my youngest sleeping past 6:30AM- I wouldn't want to be up with 2 toddlers at 4:30!
2-our new(ish) house
3-my wonderful husband
4-my cute boys
5-warm weather is here

the real ~Roxann~ said...

FIVE things I am GRATEFUL for right now:

1. My family is happy and healthy.

2. My flood waters are cleaned up.

3. We still have a roof over our head.

4. My son was very comforting to me during this whole ordeal.

5. My dad jumped right in to help us clean up. He worked his butt off, too!

(Ask me next week and my list will be a lot more general. This is just my life...this week.)

Amy said...

Some things I'm grateful for today:

1) My husband who works so hard and owns a business which allows me to work at home

2) My 3 daughters - even though they can drive me crazy and keep me running, they keep me laughing!

3) My puppy sitting on my lap snuggling me and keeping me company and making me feel so loved while everyone is off at school or work

4)Chocolate milk - my morning treat!

5) my computer - even though it distracts me it is a constant source of inspiration for my scrapbooking obsession!

Whitney said...

1. It's Friday! The weekend is here & I can spend time with my friends and family.
2. Seeing my boyfriend in his new truck. He's been driving an $800 30 year old Ford for the past three years and to see him so proud of his truck brightens my mood.
3. My mom & dad. They would do anything for me & Justin (the boyfriend). My dad even bought the truck in his name so the payments wouldn't be so high. They took him in when we had only been dating six months and treat him like their son. They amaze me with their love.
4. Summer is almost here.
5. Scrapbooking. It has given me an outlet to get my energy out in a positive way.

Thank you for posting this. I needed a reminder of all that I have to be thankful for.

Heather said...

1. Today I am grateful that it is FRIDAY and I get to sleep in tomorrow. It's been a HARD week!

2. Today I am grateful that a wonderful parent at school gave me a wonderful box of beautifully homemade decorated cupcakes today. She raved and raved about my teaching and how much her daughter loves me and how much she's learned this year. It's so nice to be appreciated once in awhile.

3. Today I am grateful that my mom is so kind as to let me stay at her house so I don't have to drive up the hill.

4. Today I am grateful that my husband is so sweet and caring about my needs that he has no problem with me going to NYC with my friend this summer.

5. Today I am grateful that I am healthy and so are my family, friends, and pets.