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Friday, May 11, 2007

AND THE WINNER IS........................

AMBERLEY!! E-mail me to give me your address so I can mail this out to you on Monday!!!

Just so everyone knows.. I threw all the names in a jar and just pulled a name..
Thanks for playing..
I'm hoping to do something NEXT week so check back!!

Enjoy the Weekend!!


Cris said...

Congratulations AMBERLEY!!

amberley said...

ooo! Thanks so much! They will get much use!!!

amberley said...

I can't find your email on your blog anywhere- if you don't want to post it you can go to my blog and email me first! Thanks again

Mere said...

Congrats Amberley!!

Have a blessed mothers day....you really deserve it!!


Lara said...

Aww...shucks. I missed the whole thing!

Loved your post on mothers, though! Some of those were a total crack up!

Happy Mother's Day to you! :)

(And congrats Amberley).

Happywife84 said...

Congrats Amberley!

Flipflopmom, you are so awesome to think of contests for all of us! I"m hoping to get in on the next one. But just tthinking of you doing this made me smile all day ( I saw the post for the 1st time last night) You rock girlfriend!