Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Did Eve have a belly button? How do you get Jesus in your heart? Does heaven have a McDonald's? These are some questions that children often ask.. When my kids were little I remember all the amazing questions ( well not all) that they would ask. Some were serious and could be answered honestly and some were the silliest that had you scratching your head for the answers. I have a big question that I need to ask God and find out the answer. It's nothing Earth Shattering.. but I'm at a loss as to why some Christians desire some things.. ( I'll explain more probably in the next few days after I dive in and see what I can come up with).. But I thought, who better to direct my question to.. then the Man who asked more questions than anyone else ever thought possible.. JESUS!
In School I use to be deathly afraid to ask questions for fear of looking stupid.. now many years have passed and I realize that I looked more stupid NOT asking than if I had. I might have understood more things and not desired to daydream out the window..
Any way.. see this fancy McDonald's...??? It's the BEST.. I've been there before.. in downtown DISNEY!! How I wish I were there visiting my friends who moved down there.. and saying a cheery hello to any Disney Character!! I'm a HUGE HUGE Disney fan... but I can't take the heat in the summer months.. so I have to wait til around December to be comfortable! Even though I didn't eat at this McDonald's.. ( I get belly aches and who wants one at Disney WORLD) it was pretty cool! Hmmm I wonder if Heaven will have a McDonald's... and I wonder if the people there will be happy to serve me.. Ü Ohhhhhh I'm LOVIN IT!
Here's a website if you are bored.. you can play some pretty cool McDonald's games... Like TETRIS and catch the burger.. I played the TETRIS for awhile... boy I'm rusty!!


Cris said...

That is a pretty cool looking McDonalds. We have one here in Michigan that looks more like a coffee shop than a fast food joint. Then we have another one that is like a 50's style Mcdonalds. It's really neat seeing what they come up with next.

Mere said...

I'd love to....but Texas leaves me far away...sorry :( I'll be there in spirit..and pray that they win!! You made me smile today...by thinking of me!! I needed that today... :) You're FABULOUS!!

I often wonder about those questions myself...but I'm so excited to go to heaven...because I will see my creator himself....and my deceased family members...some of which I haven't met!! Some days I wish I was already there...just for those reasons...to see what it's like....then I realize my mission here on earth isn't complete....


cajunquilter said...

oh and just think! when you become a grandma you get to hear all those questions again and more lol.

can't wait to see what you are digging into.

Lara said...

I love all those questions...although, sometimes I seriously wonder how they come up with them all! :)

Noelia said...

I have questions of my own that I've been asking God lately, trying to put things into perspective. Love that pic of those sandals. Did you shoot it? It goes so well with your blog theme.
Thanks for posting on my blog, you're welcome to come back anytime. And if you have no M's in your area, you can now order the MS products via her website.

P.S Love that SK band!