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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fruit of the Spirit sums up the nine visible attributes of a true Christian life, and who knew it could make a soup!!! If you all know me.. or anything about me.. you will know I DESPISE beans... all except green beans!! But I just had to share this little "recipe" I got in an e-mail this past week!!

Fruit Of The Spirit Soup

(Galatians 5:22,23)

Pearl Barley - Love

Split Pas - Joy

Black Beans - Peace

Red Beans - Patience

Pinto Beans - Kindness

Navy Beans - Goodness

Lentil's - Gentleness

Black-Eye-Peas - Self-Control

Garbanzo's - Holy Spirit

Smoked sausage or diced ham
Directions:Rinse beans, Put in Crock-Pot & cover with water. "About 3/4 full of liquid & beans total", - Add meat, turn on low, cook 8 to 10 hours. (10 to 12 hrs if using Garbanzo's beans) I use liquid smoke, & onions. i also serve it with fresh bread.

NOTE: I buy 1 pound of each of these beans, open them and put into a large container, then I mix the completely so there always ready when I am, I measure out 2 cups and that's enough to feed 4 to 6 folks.NOTE: This also makes a lovely gift for someone who might be moving or down in the dumps, if you layer each kind of bean in a jar, then attach this recipe, they'll always know how much you love them..

My last minute thoughts for the day!! Ü


Jungle Mom said...

Hello from Venezuela. Found you at CMB.

Mere said...

This is an AWESOME post!! I LOVE this!! The fruit of the spirit is a great thing!! LOVe the recipe!!


cajunquilter said...

oh wow i have been thinking about doing a study of the fruit of the spirit for a couple of months now. guess now is the time, and oh yeah i lovvvvveeeee 15 bean soup lol.

love ya, even though you hate beans.