Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Galatians 6:4

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I went to Borders yesterday to find the second book to the Ya Ya Prayer Group.. NO such luck.. CDB here I come with my debit card... anyway.. upon cruising the shelves I found this book!! I had NO idea what it was about but when I read CHOCOLATHERAPY I knew I would like it..
As you know I started my journey on Monday for Weight Watchers.. I can't believe it myself but I'm doing quite well!! Now don't get me wrong.. I'm not the kind of gal that has to buy two plane tickets to fly anywhere... I'm the type of gal that just needs to watch what I eat to stay healthy and these past few months I haven't.. I'm a junk food junky.. plain and simple!
I do however HAVE to tell you her prologue ( which she calls appetizer)... the first paragraph states "If you've ever done the emotional-eating thing, raise your hand. No, not the one holding the Twinkie. The other hand" OK.. that is so me.. I use to never ever be an emotional eater.. in fact.. I use to eat three meals a day and then bam.. enough for me.. what happened to those days? Why now, do I feel like I have to feed all the moods of my body? The happy, The Sad, The Confused... yet the ANGER one I don't feed .. I clean my home instead!! Hmm.. I don't think I"ve been angry for awhile.. HA HA HA HA!!
Karen Scalf Linamen is a Christian Author. I have her other book "Just hand over the chocolate and no one will get hurt". Sadly I have not read it and I've had it for years!! I think I got it on Clearance.. but I guess it wasn't the Lord's timing for me to read it. However I have already dived into this book and it's GREAT. She has a wonderful sense of humor and seems that she understands where most women are coming from!
So this week I've stayed within my points, Walked everyday except yesterday I NAPPED!! WOO HOO and today I'm off to a baseball game and a barbeque... I know I will have self control and ENJOY the people around me and not be a slave to the food. I will put a big sign on my door that states "FALSE GOD" and think about that in my time of emotion!
To all the SCRAPBOOKERS out there!! Happy Scrapbook Day.. Share your layouts with me!! Send me a link to your blogs so I can see what you did!!
"Never eat more than you can lift"--Miss Piggy


cajunquilter said...

oh i love the raise the other hand lol.

have an awesome time at the game and barbeque!

Happy Scrapbook day to you! even though I don't scrap lol.

Lara said...

I am so with you on the junk food junkiness. I need to stop...but I just caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't! :)

Cris said...

The title would definitely catch my attention too. LOL. Sounds like a really good book, I'll have to check it out. :)

Mere said...

Chocolate sounds good right now....too bad I don't have any!!


Susanne said...

I've never read this book of Karen's although I have read others. She's great!