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Saturday, May 19, 2007

YaY I got INVITED to do this scrapbooking party today!! At My scrapping servant ( her link is to the left.. and she has the most amazing smile and adorable kids!!) My day is full of kids and activities and PROM today so I'm hoping I can at least give a bit of time and play!!

I'm Terri.. I'm a scrapper and have been doing it for I would say TEN YEARS!! I'm not sure what I like best about it.. the amazing pictures that I know strive to get or the finished product.. or just the giggles and memories of the past to share with for the future....

I'm a mom of two ....... but a mom to many who just want a hug or an opinion every now and again..

I'm really looking forward to "meeting" more scrappers.. and moms!!

Ok.. whose blogs have a I visited and left comments on...

http://ainsleysmom.blogspot.com/ -- This is Karla what an adorable blog.. I was captured the second her pictures came right up!!

http://scrapbookideas.wordpress.com/-- this is Jess.. she has AMAZING layouts..

http://lifewithrae2.blogspot.com/ --This is Rae.. and she's getting married NEXT WEEK!!!

http://quietromance.blogspot.com/ -- This is Haley.. and she's going to be a NEW mommy this fall!!! I love babies!!

http://wesnlani.wordpress.com/ -- This is Wendy.. oh my.. you can tell she just loves spending time with her AMAZING kiddos!!!

http://www.sunnydaysatthebeach.blogspot.com/ -- This is Carey.. Oh my.. she has recipes.. and pictures of flowers.. girl after my own heart!!! and her title picture is AWESOME

http://www.sunshinecoastkids3.blogspot.com/ --ahhhhh this blog is def a FUN blog.. Say hello to SUMMER!!

http://daisykarinb.blogspot.com/ -- This is Karen.. and OH MY.. she makes the most beautiful things and shares scriptures in just about every post.. I LOVE her blog!!

MORE blogs I visited today..

http://realwomenscrap.typepad.com/ --Real Women Scrap.. they have a very colorful .. eye catching page.. and I love their ideas!!

http://dawnmercedes.blogspot.com/ --What a cool name.. but even cooler is the cards she designs... check it out!!

http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/servingtheKingofkings/ --Serving of God.. she has a GREAT blog with many pictures.. and MUSIC.. I LOVE MUSIC

http://www.girl71-thoughtsfromthehill.blogspot.com/ -- This is LISA.. and believe it or not .. in MAY she had snow!!! WOW and is thinking of Christmas!!

http://www.lentzfam.blogspot.com/ -- This is Heidi.. she has the MOST springish look blog.. HOW COOL.. is sprinish a word?? HA HA HA

http://www.lifewithlola.blogspot.com/ -- this is Lola's Blog.. Lola LOVE's TV shows and books... so if you can chat TV I'm sure she would love a visit!!
http://www.makingscrapbooks.typepad.com/ -- Check out Jan's blog.. look at the creative cute give she made!!!! You will ADORE it!!!!!!
http://therealroxann.blogspot.com/ -- This is Roxan.. she is a cool gal.. and she writes about some of the funniest things!!! Today the lucky gal is on an all day crop!!
http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/momofneb/ -- This is Kim's blog.. it's is HOMEY!!! I LOVE IT!!! She is a homeschooling mom to a gorgeous little family.. check her out.. the quilt is so inviting!!


Several years ago I started a e-mail group with about 6 other women... we were scattered all over the country and one gal in Canada.. we talked DAILY about life, kids, faith and more... well... as time went on we got to know one another very much... we eneded up being like sisters... after a few years one of our "sisters" had a constant stuffy nose and a plugged ear... this went on for several months.... Sadly this mom of 2 was diagnosed with a RARE form of Cancer. Through prayer and devotion, Lori lived another two years with cancer.. she was a survivor, but left behind two beautiful YOUNG children... Living such a distance I felt like I HAD to do something for her.. but I wasn't sure what.. What could I give a dying woman.. tangeable stuff was NOT what she needed.. she needed my prayers and love... Having been a Girl Scout leader for several years.. I hooked up to a yahoo group.. and came up with several ideas on how these girls could help me BLESS Lori... About 30 Girl Scout troops made her a array of cards.. she was blessed with over a 300 cards.. and the Leaders knew that Lori loved to scrap.. Together I and the Leaders collected scrapbooking supplies so she could scrap moment for her children.. for their future.. She had no energy to shop for this stuff.. but with little time she did put things together for her kids. It's been two years since Lori has now passed.. and I miss her! Even though we never met face to face.. She was one of the most couragious persons I knew.. and she fought til the end!

THIS IS MY KEEPING IT REAL Photo... behind these beautiful Cinnamon rolls that I made....was a REAL mess.. but who really takes those kind of photos.. HA HA HA HA


Karla said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for the party! I love the name of your blog...and the photo of the flip flops. (Reminds me of myself!)

Thanks so much for the sweet comment!

Jessica said...

Hi!! I'm happy to have found you via the Scrappin' Party! Love your site :). Have a fun!!
Jess (Scrapbook Ideas)

Wendy said...

Hello! I am so excited to meet other scrapbookers:) Thanks for the link and stopping by my blog!!

Summer said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving a comment. Hope you can become a regular reader.

Rae said...

Nice to meet you! Wow, 13 years..congratulations! :) I love your site, I'll be back to visit soon...have a great weekend! :)

tasra said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. So glad you joined the party with Carolyn. She's a gem!

Here's to a scrappy day!

Jan said...

YUMMMMM! Those cinnamon rolls look awesome!

Visiting from the scrapbooking blog party!

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Wow you were busy at the party. I stopped by earlier, before I joined the party, so I didn't know to leave a comment. Your daughter is beautiful.

Happywife84 said...

I loved your post! Can't wait to check out @ the links you shared!

Haley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :o)

I live in Canada. :o) Thankfully the snow has trurned to rain. I would have preferred sunshine, but it sure beats snow. :o)

Lisa :o)

Cris said...

I'm just getting into the whole scrap thing myself. Unfortunately I don't get much time to do it, but it's the most fun when you get the opportunity to do it with friends.